The pregnancy chastity belt – A.K.A. The Snoogle

It all started a few weeks ago when I couldn’t get any amount of decent sleep because of the constant lower back and sciatic nerve pain. I had been sleeping on my side with a king size pillow between my legs for a couple months, and I always thought that would be enough support. Turns out that didn’t do shit for my back, so I rushed out one day and picked up the most marvelously comfy pillow you have ever snuggled with in your life – the Snoogle!

It’s this giant C shaped pillow that I really don’t think the pregnant community should keep a secret. Everyone should have a Snoogle! It hooks under your head and behind your back (or in front of your belly) and in between your legs. I have never slept so well in my life, and I’m pretty sure my Labrador would concur. I’ve even busted my husband snuggling with it on occasion.

But the point of this post is to tell you all about an added benefit that’s not listed on the packaging. Apparently, it’s a highly effective cock blocker, according to my husband! Since you’re completely surrounded by a fortress of pillow, it’s so easy to keep them at bay. He calls it the “pregnancy chastity belt”. And with all this 2nd trimester moodiness, it has definitely come in handy ; ) Oh…don’t feel too bad for him. I only use it’s powers for good.

18 weeks 5 days

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  1. That pillow looks amazing! I’ll probably end up with one like that when I get pregnant.

    Here’s my question for you… are you a stationary sleeper? Or do you toss and turn? I’m wondering how hard that pillow makes it to roll over.

  2. I would say I’m sort of middle of the road. I usually change positions from laying on my left side to my right side and back about three times a night, or after every time I get up to pee. At this point it’s not that huge of a pain in the ass because I just sleep with it behind my back on my left side and then keep the pillow in the same spot and tuck it under my tummy when I’m on my right, but I can see how you could easily get tangled in it if you’re tossing and turning. The thing is though, I think it gets a lot harder to “toss and turn” when the belly gets big.

  3. Oh man, that is hysterical!!!!!

    I take comfort in hearing you have sciatic pain, too, and that mine is not from my decrepit old back but that I can blame it on my wee one.

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