Baby Rabies | Pregnancy Apps

by Désirée
Baby Rabies | Pregnancy Apps

On this page you’ll find all of my current favorites when it comes to pregnancy apps- as well as other apps that aren’t pregnancy-specific, but can be super helpful while you’re expecting. If you found this page because of my book, welcome to Baby Rabies!

Ovia Pregnancy: This app will give you a completely personal way to track your pregnancy- customize every little detail, get growth tracking info, look up information on food and medication safety, log symptoms and your mood in a journal, get personalized feedback, connect with a community of moms, get milestone reports… the features are endless. Ovia also offers a Fertility app and a Parenting app. (App Store, Google Play)

Daily Water: Are any of us REALLY drinking all the water we should be? This app will help you finally stay on track. (App Store, Google Play)

Hello Belly: Informative and really fun to use. This is a pregnancy app that entertains as much as it educates. (App Store, Google Play)

Baby Story: One of the cutest apps out there for documenting your pregnancy and your baby. It combines photography with Instagram-like filters, milestone artwork (doodles and graphics you can add to your pics), and fun fonts. Think A Design Kit, but specifically for bellies and babies. (App Store)

Babyname: This is like Tindr, but for baby names. Swipe, swipe, match! (App Store, Google Play)

Contraction Monitor Pro: A great way to help time contractions and see patterns in your labor. Tapping the app to start timing a contraction and tapping to stop is a simple way to learn more about your labor progress. (App Store)

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