The First Thing You Eat After Giving Birth Will Taste Like Magic

The best sandwiches and pizza of my life have been devoured right after I had babies.

I think one was literally white bread, a slice of soggy cheese, and some questionable ham and IT WAS AMAZING. And I was always grateful for the snacks we brought in. I consumed an entire bag of Dove caramel filled chocolates right after I had Wallace.

This photo, by my friend Katie Lacer (MommaKT Shoots), is the perfect illustration of that post-birth food-euphoria.

When we shared this photo on the Baby Rabies Facebook page, we asked you to share your favorite postpartum meals and snacks. Here’s what you said:

“I had a bagged lunch from the hospital. Turkey sandwich with lettuce and mayo with some chips and let me tell you mayonnaise never tasted sooooo good on a sandwich then it did at that point in my life.” – Victoria

“With my oldest daughter it was a chicken bacon ranch grinder from a place called Mancino’s and it was amazing. With my youngest daughter I hadn’t eaten in almost 36 hours and although I was told it was a bacon egg and cheese bagel from Einstein brothers with an iced caramel latte from Starbucks it could have been cardboard and water lol. I ate it so fast I’m not even sure I tasted any of that one.” – Jayne

The First Thing You Eat After Giving Birth Will Taste Like Magic

“In the UK you’re always given tea and toast with jam. However, best thing I ever had was my husband brought me pretty much the whole McDonald’s breakfast menu. It was AMAZING.” – Heather

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“When I had my first, my sister was in charge of bringing me tasty things. Then I wasn’t allowed to eat for two days after. Then they put me on clear liquid and it still wasn’t real food. I finally got released to try normal foods right when they were switching me from a more monitored floor to a regular floor annnnnnnd forgot to give me lunch. The nurse then rounded up food for me which was so nice of her but it was clear liquid. Totally called my Mom crying and she brought me a burger. It was really the best thing ever.” – Laura

The First Thing You Eat After Giving Birth Will Taste Like Magic

“My husbands reenactment of our second’s birth- push, grunt, push (kid out), ‘I need a cheeseburger!’ It was the most amazing (hospital) cheeseburger I have EVER eaten.” – Laurie

“I was asking for food before they were done closing after [my daughter]. I’d been monitored all afternoon so by that time I’d gone like 11 hours without anything but the six packages of fruit snacks I ate clandestinely. At about 2am they finally brought my mom and I each a packaged sandwich and I don’t think I chewed either.” – Jessica

“When the doctor came in for me to push with my last one he asked what that smell was. I pointed to the counter and said ‘that’s a calzone waiting for me to be done here’. He laughed and gloved up and said ‘don’t let me stand in your way’.” – Jen

“I called room service as soon as possible. I ordered a Belgian waffle, scrambled eggs, extra bacon, fruit and yogurt parfait, cheese danish, orange juice, and ginger ale. Then asked my husband what he would like and his face pretty much said it all.” – Amanda

What was your favorite postpartum meal? Share in the comments or here on Facebook!

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  1. Chocolate milkshake, all the way! It’s what I rewarded myself with after running a half marathon, and giving birth was that + more, so I got a large.

  2. Wasn’t allowed to eat (or see my son) for like a day. Ended up puking whatever the first thing I did eat was. Still wanted to eat it immediately again, not because it was good but because I was so hungry. Not all births are fun. Kind of sick of the common social media/blog idea that they are.

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