The Power And Beauty Of Surrogacy

Sometimes you see a photo and it hits you right in the heart, sticking with you forever. I think this is one of them.

Photographer Genevieve Georget, from Ottawa, Ontario, is graciously sharing the story behind her incredible photo of a surrogate birth.

“We’re all just walking each other home…”

I read this quote one beautiful summer day when I was on route to visit some family. It actually took my breath away because I felt like it was the very definition of what humanity was meant to be; us, taking each other’s hands… and holding space for one another in this emotional adventure we call life.

Sometimes it’s hard to see it though.

With too many headlines and anonymity and a world that often feels like a very scary place… it’s hard to remember that we’re all in this together.

Until one night, it happens. A text comes through:

“My water broken.”

“Contractions are happening.”

“We’re on our way.”

I arrived and simply stood back in the corner while a miracle happened…

One woman; whose life journey took an unexpected turn and left her unable to have children. But also left her with the undying desire to be a mother.

One man; in equal pain… equal suffering… equally wanting to start a family with his wife.

Another woman; who could carry their child and give them – quite possibly – one of the greatest gifts another human being could offer.

And just like that, a child was born. Not in a world of “yours” or “mine”… but in a world of “us” and “ours”. A child so loved. A child so desired. A child whose bonds will cross an ocean.

That night, through tear soaked eyes, I had the immense privilege of documenting the most unique bond… the most incredible relationship… the most amazing gift;

The humanity of walking each other home…

Thank you so much to Genevieve Georget for allowing us to share her photo and story. What an incredible capture and an unforgettable moment.

Make sure you follow Genevieve on Facebook and Instagram.

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