6 Stunning Photos You Would Never Guess Were Taken And Edited With A Phone

By far, the coolest thing to come out of releasing my Picture Play eBook back in November, has been seeing all of the incredible edits that people have been doing since they’ve read it.

Inside the Picture Play Facebook group (you get access with your purchase, no extra fee!) readers have been sharing photos ever single day.

I’m totally blown away.

If you’re still feeling frustrated with your phone photography and editing skills, take a look at what’s possible with just your iPhone or Android and some super cheap or free apps.

It’s incredible just how much ambiance you can bring out in a photo like this one! And did you see the disappearing act in the bottom left corner? Love it! Photo by: Sharon C.

Cheers! This one was shared with the caption: “Not only good for picture of our kids, right?” Right! Photo by: Krystyn

This photo was taken from a cruise ship as they sailed past. Can you believe the difference?? Photo by: Becci L.

That sunshine makes nap time something special. What a moment! Photo by: Sharon C.

More sunshine! A gloomy day turned bright and cheerful. Magic. 😉 Photo by: Calley P.

I LOVE all the colors brought to life in this edit. Another tiny moment made into something truly special. That light makes all the difference, don’t you think? Photo by: Megan H.

These are just a tiny handful of the photos that readers have been posting in the Picture Play group. There are HUNDREDS more inside. If you’re ready to take your phone photography skills to the next level, click here to learn more about the book and check out the reviews (up to 50 now!) that people have left.

Picture Play is a 161-page eBook, dedicated to phone photography and editing.

Download your copy at ShopBabyRabies.com and jump inside the group with us too. I can’t wait to see what you’ll create!

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