Tiny Traveler Nursery in a PB&J Color Palette

I STILL don’t have a baby to put in it, but the nursery is done, and I thought I’d try to occupy myself by doing the grand reveal. Those of you who have been following my progress may remember that I had this crazy ambition to sew just about everything for the room, and I successfully did just that. I’m not saying all the seams are straight or that it was easy, but I’m super happy with the finished product. No way could I have achieved this custom look for what I spent on the fabric (around $200, I believe) without doing it all myself.

View from the door.

Curtains made using this tutorial
Diaper Wreath made by these two crafty friends
Blanket over the chair made with this tutorial

Tie backs and curtain rod from Ikea
Corner shelves from Target
Pillow covers made using this tutorial

Chair by Wendy Bellissimo for Babies R’ Us (bought nearly 3 years ago and since discontinued)
Crib is Tampa by Baby Cache

Bed skirt made with this tutorial
Crib sheets made with this tutorial
Crib rail guard made with this (my) tutorial

I owe a huge thanks to the lovely ladies at City Craft in Dallas for helping me pick the fabrics. They were such a wonderful inspiration and so helpful!

Hot air balloon mobile, a gift from my mom, from Restoration Hardware Baby and Child

Dresser from Ikea
Hutch from Ikea
Bow holder made with this (my) tutorial
Baskets from Target
Changing pad from Target
Trash can is cloth diaper pail (also from Target)
Brown bookshelf purchased at consignment (and yes, I know I’ll eventually have to strap it to the wall or move it when she starts pulling up)

The hutch is decorated with souvenirs from my childhood (like the teddy bear made from my VERY loved baby blanket and my copy of The Secret Garden), along with some things I’ve collected since then (like the Japanese mother and child a BFF sent me when she lived in Okinawa). I also used to collect elephants and have chosen a few to dot throughout the room. I picked up the vintage Winnie the Pooh back in high school, we’ve had the globe forever (it was Scott’s to begin with, I think), and that puzzle box was a gift from my dad when I was in Jr. High. The hippo wooden teether is from Little Alouette. I picked up the giraffe and the nesting suitcases from Gilt.com.

A few friends chipped in and sent me some lovely little additions, as well, like this jolly Buddha statue from Mandy’s shop, Opal.

And Melissa, from Little Yah and Yahees Place, made this coordinating baby blanket based on the fabrics I’ve used.

So there you have it! All prepped and ready. Just missing a BABY now.

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Kendall is 2 years, 7ish months and I’m nearly 41 weeks pregnant