T-Minus 33 Days Until the Anniversary…

of the stitches, the contractions, the pain, the catheter, and my little man’s entrance into this world. Just a year ago I was happily plump, round, patient, preparing, reading books about lactation and practicing relaxation exercises that were supposed to help make laboring without medication not hurt like my spine was being ripped from my body, tailbone first, by the thing from Alien.

I was blissfully unaware of what lay (lie? This is where my grammar incompetence shines through) ahead for me. I couldn’t, at that point, wrap my head around how little sleep I would get. I didn’t know just how bad breastfeeding would seriously hurt at first. I had no idea how to soothe a colicky baby because it never occurred to me that I would have one. Most importantly, I had no idea how one tiny little bald man would turn my world upside down, give me a reason to be a morning person and to learn all the words to “Elmo’s Song” (though that’s really not a very hard song to commit to memory).

And now, a year later, I find myself in researching and planning mode once again, all for his first birthday party. Admittedly, up until a couple months ago I just didn’t see the point in a big party. I thought we’d just do something small at home with the three of us and maybe my mom if she could make it. After all, he won’t remember it anyway. But, as the months passed by, more and more people asked when the party would be, and so I began to think, “Why not? Why wouldn’t we have a big party to celebrate this past year?” God knows this has been the hardest Scott or I have ever worked, and we’ve had the pleasure of getting to know an amazing, intelligent, adorable little boy who has transformed from a colicky small swaddled stranger into a jolly, even if a bit demanding, piece of our world and hearts. We deserve a party…. and a beer. Oh, yes, there will be beer.

Sure, I don’t know what the next year has in store for us, but for the time being, I’m choosing not to focus on the upcoming challenges of disciplining a toddler or teaching him not to take his diaper off and smear poop all over the carpet. Instead, just for now, I am focusing on shallow and frivolous things like birthday cakes, cupcakes, decorations and invitations, the latter being what I will leave you with.

Mandy, a reader and Twitter friend (Follow her! @MandyHornbuckle), made these A-freaking-DORABLE invitations for Kendall’s party, which will be the day after his real birthday at a local park. It should be far more entertaining for the kiddos than the tiny plot of dog shit covered land we call a yard.

So cute, right?  She designed it with digital elements from Creations By Rachael, and also designs really cute blog layouts in addition to digital and paper invitations (for a very good price!).  Best part is she donates a portion of the price to a good cause.
Check her out here.
Blogs by Mandy

Thanks again, Mandy!

Kendall is 10 months and 4 weeks old…that’s just a smidge shy of 11 months, folks! And that’s just a hair shy of a year!

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  1. We did the same thing with Aidan’s party – our little 12 person party has now ballooned into a 60 person extravaganza. But I’m having a blast planning it all. Oh, and your invitations are great!

  2. OMG, those are seriously the cutest invitations. Kendall is so freaking adorable in that bubble! I literally squeeled out loud and giggled when I scrolled down and saw it. Super cute. And congratulations mom on making it through the first year! Enjoy that beer, you deserve it.

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