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A Boy’s Room With Room To Grow

Slowly, slowly, so slowly, we are finishing rooms one by one in our new house. So slowly that this is only the 2nd room we ain’t…

Low Budget Brass Bathroom Update

Anyone who’s ever watched an hour of HGTV in their life knows that master bathrooms and kitchens are usually what sell homes, and sell them fast,…

“Kids Live Here” Home Design

My kids may ruin a lot of things, like my ability to ever wear anything white, but they definitely have not ruined our ability to have a beautiful house. Yes, when people walk in our house, the first thing they will probably think is, “Kids live here.”

Because, you know, kids live here.

The Excessive, Ridiculous Bunk Bed

When we decided to put the boys together in Kendall’s room (versus selling this house, buying a new one and trying not to get divorced in…

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