Can I Come Home?

A couple years ago, when we decided to sell our house and head out for a year+ trip around the country in an RV with our 4 kids, I planned to transform this space into a hub for pregnant mommas to come, and hoped to take our personal story to another platform- Happy Loud Life. It was a business decision- I’d have two streams of income and two more narrow niches to work with brands on. It was also a personal decision. After my first baby turned one, and with no plans of having more babies, I just felt stuck here in this space that’s always been, mostly, about my life pregnant or with babies.Baby Rabies is a weird name to become linked to when you think about it. I get looks and laughter when I tell people I write a blog called Baby Rabies. I have to explain it all the time. Brands have refused to work with me because it’s “off color.” And yet, it’s memorable. It stuck. It’s funny. People who know me get it. People who don’t? The confusion can get tiresome. 

More and more, this space didn’t feel like home, but the problem was the other space didn’t either. And the last year, as we moved around the country in an RV, I felt just as transient online.

I didn’t have the time to turn this space into something like Scary Mommy with contributors- not in a way that felt authentic and in a way I would have full control over. And I didn’t know what part of my story to tell on Happy Loud Life. Were we just an RV blog? Were we travel bloggers? Where could I write about the swimsuit I found and loved? Where could I write about my mental health struggles that were brought on by the stress of freelance and growing a businesses and not pregnancy this time?

So I’m doing something wild and I’m listening to my gut- it’s been screaming at me about this for years and I just refused to pay it any attention until now. 

I’m saying goodbye to Baby Rabies. I’ll own the trademark and will set up redirects and nothing will happen to the old content. It’s going to be a whole lot of work, but I’ve hired a team to help me and we’ve hit the ground running. 

When everyone is advising to niche down online, I’m going to expand this place. I’m not going to stop talking about parenting, from toddlers to parenting tweens and (eventually) teens. I’m just also not going to stop myself from talking about other things here, too- like photography, travel, and home renovations we’ll likely be starting up when we get back into a house, and anything else I find personally important. Me and my wandering through the phases of my life- that’s my new niche. That’s what you’ll find here.

Like I said, there’s a lot of work to be done, and I’m still figuring out what to do with all my digital spaces. I’ll update you along the way, for sure. I hope you’ll stick around, and I appreciate you riding it out with me while I was lost in transition over the last 18ish months. I am confident this will be a wholly positive move for me, for my content, and for my connection with all of you- especially those of you who are right there with me in this weird spot as we say goodbye to being the moms we needed to be to raise babies. 

I’m genuinely thankful for the conversations that sparked after I shared a rude comment left on my last post about Disney World. I realized that there are a lot of people who are here for the long-term, who are experiencing their own version of an identity crisis, who are excited to hear about anything I’m excited to share. That was the push I needed to feel like it’s going to be okay to let go of Baby Rabies and move on.

I’m on IG now. If you already following me as @BabyRabies, then no worries! I just changed that account name. If you’re not, I’d love if you’d follow me now. I’m not done sharing on @Happy.Loud.Life, but as our RV adventure comes to a close, I think it will make sense to move most of that story back to one IG account. 


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The dot com hasn’t changed here yet. Baby Rabies will be phasing out over the next month-ish and my new home will be But I am going to start treating this place like the home I want it to be right away. So I have a ton of Disney content that I’m going to get up soon, but fear not! This is not becoming a “Disney blog.” It’s just becoming Jill Krause’s blog. Again. 

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  1. Your amazing! I’ve been around for long haul. You even follow my insta and like here and there… I may or may not fan girl a bit when you do ??. Regardless I am growing in this parenthood life thing right along with you and love what your striving for. I’ll keep looking to you for some solidarity and I’m glad your figuring it out along the way too. Cheers to you and this next chapter. Life is like that always moving and we just keep adapting,

    • Ditto to all of this. Thanks for keeping it real and being true to who you are as you journey through life!!! I’m here for the long haul.

  2. YAY!!! I understand feeling lost in your place on this big ol internet. I am there now, as Ian and Ollie both want to be shared less. I want to share them less. So here’s to new adventures.

  3. Hi Jill!

    I found your blog in 2008 shortly after my first son Trevor was born. I’ve been here ever since (and Facebook, Twitter, IG). I followed Happy Loud Life too. I’ve not commented much over the years, but I’ve been here. I had a daughter in 2012 and a other son in 2014. Our kids ages don’t match up exactly, but they’re close enough that your blog has been really relevant to me. Really, what I’m here for is you and your personality. at one point I needed to read about the experiences of another mom of young kids. But I loved seeing what crafts or home improvements you’ve done. I loved post about the dogs. Your photography inspires me to do better at my own. Your willingness to be honest with yourself and take care of yourself and your family through all struggles help help me with my own. and I love that I’ve picked up tips tricks and products from you over the years as well. Sure it’s a little weird that I feel like I know you and you don’t have any idea who I am, but that’s the internet right. I’m sure you hear this kind of thing all the time, but when in transition it never hurts to hear it again. I’m sure there’s lots of people here like me who are growing with you and excited to see what comes next for you, and themselves.

  4. Lisa Humphries on

    I am so here for this.
    Truly, your most powerful asset is YOUR VOICE. Yes, the content’s relevance to my life was what drew me to your blog initially, but it has always been YOU that has kept me coming back. Your voice. I am so thrilled to see you embracing that.

  5. Your post about not raising babies anymore really hit home for me…I’m excited for your new adventure as I am right there with you! My oldest is turning 10 this year, my youngest barely one…but it’s all changing…the way I think, the way I parent…I am SO excited to see where this change takes you! Congratulations!

  6. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. I’ve been reading for more than a decade and I’ll follow you wherever. But, like not in a creepy way. ??????

  7. What drew me to you a decade ago was your honesty and relatability. It continues today. It doesn’t matter what the name of the space is, we are here for you. I think that makes the perfect name. Looking forward to seeing where the next several years takes you.

  8. Jill, this past few weeks my youngest has come out of nappies, I had to buy him big boy vests and pants. And he know doesn’t want to be rocked to sleep at night. He’s my last baby and I feel a little bit like I don’t know what to do if im not a mum to a baby, but three big kids! Your post has helped me realise its not the end, just the beginning of a new chapter and maybe I might be able to get a little of myself back now too. Good luck and well done! I’ll definitely be sticking around! Xx

  9. I can really identify with this. I started my blog 10 years ago and it was cloth diaper based. Now it’s basically neglected since my kids are 14, 9 and 7 (I’ve tried to find contributors, but they don’t seem to follow through). Now I’m left with nowhere to write. And it stinks. Excited to see what’s in store for you!

  10. I can’t wait to keep following along with you!! Both my kids are close in age to Leyna & Lowell so I feel at home here with the stories of their antics and tales from the trenches. ??????????

  11. I started following you when we were both pregnant with our soon to be 6-year-olds. And my youngest is 6 months older than Wallace. As our parenting journey changes as the kids grow older, why the heck shouldn’t your blog change with it?! Happy to continue following!

  12. “especially those of you who are right there with me in this weird spot as we say goodbye to being the moms we needed to be to raise babies.”



  13. Love it. You be you and I will still stay following. We have been here since the beginning and plan on following as long as you feel like sharing.

  14. Yay!!! I started following you when I was pregnant with my almost 7 year old. I look forward to the content to come! And as a Florida resident Disney passholder…I thoroughly enjoy the Disney stuff too!!

  15. Michelle Nolan on

    Girl. I will follow you until you’re writing about our inevitable trips to the old folks center.


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