If Your Productivity Needs Help, Check This Out

My word of the year is Hydrate, I’m not even kidding.

I mean like literally drink more water because honest to God there were a few times last year when I thought something was seriously wrong with me, and I just hadn’t had actual water all day, if we’re not counting the water used to make the coffee.

But I also mean to hydrate what needs worked on. What you water, grows. 

So this year I’m trying to keep myself hydrated and water the things in my life that need work. And one of those things that needs a giant can of intention water poured all over it is my productivity and my daily systems. 

I’m a mess, is what I’m saying. This is not news to anyone who’s been reading or following me for a short amount of time. 

One thing I got a lot better about last year was letting go of the guilt. Yes, I suck at systems and my productivity is scattered, but also I’m balancing 2 businesses, a marriage, full time travel, and keeping 4 kids alive at the same time. Nothing good comes from feeling guilty about my shortcomings. It just makes me freeze up. 

It is AMAZING how much easier it is to move forward with your life and your plans when you just go ahead and forgive yourself for being behind on things, or being a total mess- acknowledge that that part of you needs work, then give yourself the space to work on it. 

So I am thrilled to jump into the new Edit Your Life Productivity E-Retreat in February.

Christine Koh and Asha Dornfest (Edit Your Life Show podcast co-hosts + Minimalist Parenting co-authors) are launching something awesome: a 21-day interactive productivity e-retreat that will boost your productivity and help you develop habits that will work all year.

Christine and Asha’s mantra is that “productivity isn’t about getting more done, it’s about getting the right things done.”

The e-retreat kicks off February 1, 2019, and each day you’ll receive a key productivity exercise, exclusive audio, a series of printable worksheets, and access to a private Facebook community. Go register now! It’s only $21!

Yes, I’m sharing here because Christine and Asha are my friends, but also? You guys know how they became my friends? Well, let’s start with me following both of them on Twitter circa 2009-ish, back when Twitter was THE place to find incredible people. Their blogs and their book were a huge inspiration, and I was totally fan-girl-y about meeting them at blog conferences.

They. Know. Their. Stuff. 

Christine and Asha are two of the most organized people I know (I roomed with Christine when we got to visit the White House and she was the MVP, showing up with an actual printed agenda and driving directions to the WH from out hotel for our driver), but they approach life and parenting in such a real and relatable way.

They also could not be kinder people.

And now, thanks to the magic of the internet, I get to call them both friends! 

Christine and me getting ready to head into the White House in March 2016.

I hope you’ll check out their e-Retreat if you’re also feeling like you need some solid help from actual experts to refine or setup your routines and boost your productivity this year. WHAT YOU WATER, GROWS.

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