Word Of The Year Ideas For Parents

Right around the middle of December is when our feeds start filling up with everyone’s end of the year Facebook highlights videos, which literally nobody else will watch except maybe their mothers, and proclamations of what their “word of the year” will be come January 1.

I’ve tried the word of the year. I usually forget about it come February, but maybe that’s just because I’m not really connecting with the words people generally claim for this kind of thing: success, focus, power, growth, joy, inspire, etc. etc. etc.

Maybe I need to set my bar lower. Don’t we all? Aren’t we all consistently trying to live up to the unattainable as parents?

May I suggest some words of the year for your consideration, fellow parents, especially parents of small children:


CLEANISH– As in, you strive to keep your home, your car, your children, and your hair clean-ISH- like, at least not a biohazard or oil slick on 4 out of 7 days.

AWAKE– Ideally, you’re awake because you’re well-rested or at least well-caffeinated, and that’s really all we can ask for from 2019.

FED– Your kids are fed, your dog is fed, YOU ARE FED. GOALS, friends. Keep everyone fed, and you are killing the game.

NOPE– Nope is the new YASSS. All that stuff that you immediately scream “NOPE!” to in your head before you open your smiling face and say yes? STOP. THAT. Go back to nope. Stick to nope.

DRESSED– Even with a low bar, this one will still be aspirational for many. Strive to put on pants, but forgive yourself for the days you spend in your PJs. Nobody’s perfect.

HYDRATE– This is mine. My word of the year for 2019 shall be HYDRATE. I thought I was actually dying a couple times in 2018 only because I hadn’t had a sip of water all day. Just drink more water. It’s not as easy as it sounds, but you gotta put these things out in the universe, right?

REAL– In the era of fake news and fake influencers and fake followers, it’s bold and imperative to embrace realness. Do not let the un-reality of others cast a shadow of doubt over your lived, beautiful, imperfect, messy reality- not on or offline.

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  1. I love it. Nope was my word one year and hydrate makes all the difference (which is why I have three flats of lacroix in my garage)

    This year was thrive (aka don’t live only in survival mode). Next year will be adapt.

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