9 Toys Your Kids Will Still Be Playing With Next December

Every year there are intense toy fads that hit the market, causing parents to freak out and line up for hours to get their hands on. (Remember Hatchimals? The dreaded Furby??) But this post isn’t about the TOY OF THE YEAR, it’s about the toys your kids will still be playing with next December. The toys with staying power. The toys you’ll actually enjoy having around your house.

We asked our readers to share some of the toys their kids got last year, that are being played with just as much now as they were out of the box. Here are the gifts that made the list!

Magna-Tiles were a definite hit. About 30 people commented on Instagram that this was the gift that their kids played with the most!

Around 40 people commented that LEGO was a top choice. I think we ALL still love playing with LEGO, right?? I’m still happy to bust out the set that my own mother kept for me from when I was a kid. Now my daughter loves it too. Win!

Calico Critters have been around since the mid-80s and they’re still going strong. Definitely a favourite at our house too!

Blocks! Some of you said blocks, some mentioned the Melissa & Doug blocks. Either way, this classic toy has staying power for a reason. Blocks = endless creativity!

Dollhouses are another great open concept toy. (I’m sensing a theme here!) Whether it’s for Barbie, your Calico Critters, toy animals, you name it- this is a great present to find under the tree (or maybe beside it!) on Christmas morning.

Speaking of Barbie, she also made the list! This Animal Rescuer playset is especially cute, but there’s so much to choose from, you can definitely find a Barbie that fit your child’s favourite hobbies and interests.

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Playmobil also made the list and I know we have about a metric ton of the stuff in our house and it gets played with ALL THE TIME. My daughter is 9 and loves it!

The Nintendo Switch was a popular gift last year, as it will be this year (especially with Pokémon: Let’s Go, Eevee! and Pokemon: Let’s Go, Pikachu! on the scene.) Several people mentioned this is one that their kids are still playing. (I bet parents are too!)

Easels are a great choice for encouraging creativity! This one is great for not only painting but also as a chalk/whiteboard.

Hope this helps you with your holiday shopping this year! It’s easy to go overboard, especially when your kids are small, but I think one awesome gift that they’ll play with for years will always be the best bet.

Bonus: Jill’s son Wallace still loves his Cabbage Patch Cutie Doll from last year! He loves it SO much, she ended up getting him another one!

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