What It’s Really Like To Be A Mom Who Pumps At Work

Ambrea Jackson is a Florida mom who recently shared her experience of what it’s like to be a nursing, pumping, and working mom on her Facebook profile.

Her post is resonating with a lot of mothers across the country who are feeling the exact same way.

Here’s what Ambrea shared:

I’m about to drop a truth bomb.

Being a nursing, pumping full time working mom of 2 is HARD.

Being a mom PERIOD is HARD.

I feel like a burden to my team every day because I have to spend 20 minutes at a time pumping multiple times a day to keep my supply high enough to continue nursing my new baby.

Add in the house work, the homework with a 4 year old, a healthy sex life, focusing on my mental health and little to NO sleep during my work weeks and you have an exhausted pushed-past-your-limit day. Every day.

I often sit in my bed nursing my baby 10 minutes before my morning alarm for 5:50am goes off thinking “How can I make myself look like I have it all together today?” Because I don’t. I never have. I do what I can but often feel like it isn’t enough. I won’t even start on the mom guilt.

But, guess what? (SPOILER) we make it work. Every day we make it work. Much love to my sisters in this journey called parenthood. You are not alone.

Thank you, Ambrea, for sharing your message.

Moms, you are definitely NOT alone. If you know of someone who needs to read these words right now, send this post to them or share on social. Thanks for reading.

Here are some of our favourite resources for pumping at work:

And if you need a breastmilk related laugh, there’s always this post from back in 2012. 😉

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