I’ll Never Apologize For These Selfies

I was going through my camera roll on my phone over the weekend, doing my best to organize what feels like the entirety of my life on there, and something struck me like a blast of cold air.

I don’t take napping selfies with Lowell anymore.


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We simply don’t nap together anymore. He’s mostly outgrown the nap, though he still catches a few Zs in the truck to and from places. He’s sleeping in a tiny bunk bed these days that doesn’t have much room for me, and we don’t spend our days home alone or with a baby- just the two or three of us.


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Since we took off on this full-time family road trip, a lot has changed, obviously. And I get to experience so much with Lowell and the other 3 now that we are spending nearly every waking moment together exploring.

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But I miss those sleeping moments when he would cuddle up under my arm, hand in my hair, and doze off while watching Netflix. It was just the two of us at first, and then he would cradle my pregnant belly. When Wallace was born, he would nap side by side with him.


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This is a blog post written by many a mom before me- you never know what ordinary moments will last be your last, and when they’ll transform from just another part of your routine into a memory on your camera roll.

I sure am grateful for all those selfies, though. Don’t ever let anyone make you feel vain or superficial or silly for snapping pictures of you and your little in a moment you will want to remember.

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Last night, I asked him to climb up in bed with me and snuggle, and while he was way too chatty to doze off in my arms, we still took a selfie for old-time’s sake.

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