5 Nostalgic Toys We Saved For Our Kids

Some toys are one-season fads (RIP Hatchimals) and some toys become heirlooms that span generations.

We recently asked Baby Rabies readers to share what toys they saved for their kids from their own childhoods and here are your top 10 responses!


Of course! LEGO = A true classic.

Anytime I think of old school LEGO, I think of this vintage ad that made it’s way around the internet a while back. So good, right?

And while there have been a lot of changes and new pieces created in the LEGO world, the playability of a simple box of original blocks in undeniable.

No matter what your age, LEGO is always awesome.

5 Nostalgic Toys We Saved For Our Kids


A toy that has evolved leaps and bounds since making her first appearance in 1959.

Barbie– full name Barbara Millicent Roberts for my fellow trivia lovers- has changed in appearance and philosophy over the years and still remains a favorite.


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Cabbage Patch Kids

Originally called The Little People and renamed Cabbage Patch Kids when licensed by Coleco in the early 80s, the brand has changed hands 7 times since Xavier Roberts created the first doll as an art student in Cleveland, Georgia.

These dolls were one of the most popular toys of the 80s, so it’s no wonder that so many of our readers chose to save them for their own kids!


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Little People

Not to be confused with “The Little People” above, Fisher-Price Little People have been around since the 1950s and are still being made by the brand today.

Little People have changed a lot over the years, but their popularity hasn’t!

Some of our readers mentioned the specifics play sets that they saved for their kids- the farm and school house definitely bring me back to MY childhood. I can still hear the “moo” sound that the barn door made when you opened it!


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My Little Pony

I think it speaks volumes about a brand that the reboot has just as much if not MORE of a fanbase than the original did when we were kids. My Little Pony definitely falls into this category.

We love the old school ponies, of course, but it’s fun to watch a whole new generation enjoy it too.


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Some of the other toys mentioned include other Fisher-Price gems, like the record player, Teddy Ruxpin, Star Wars collectibles, American Girl dolls, Raggedy Ann, Hot Wheels, and Polly Pocket.

I wonder what OUR kids will save for our grandkids someday. Will they be unpacking “vintage” Minecraft toys in 20 years? Or will it still be that same box of LEGO? 🙂 Only time will tell!

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