The “Mom Brain” Fashion Statements We Never Meant To Make

The phrase “mom brain” or “baby brain” gets tossed around a lot, especially during those first years of parenthood when sleep is at a premium and our minds feel a bit like mush.

But I think we can admit there’s a ring of truth to it when we do something like leave our travel mug on top of the car and drive away, or put our phone charger in the freezer, or realize in the parking lot of Target that (oops) you’re still wearing your nursing pyjama top and no bra.

We asked on our Facebook page:

Have you ever left your house wearing something that you didn’t mean to be wearing? Pyjamas, slippers, mismatched shoes, no shoes… that sort of thing?

Here’s what you had to say!

“I spent three hours teaching one morning with a pair of black lace panties twisted into my scarf. I grabbed the scarf off the floor of my closet in a hurry and managed to stick my head through the leg hole of the panties. The scarf was annoying me until I figured out it wasn’t part of my scarf, but the hitchhiking panties, and had to get them off from around my neck without my classroom full of juniors noticing.” – Julie

“I was only driving no plans to get out of car so of course I said “eff the bra”… Also happened to be wearing a tank with very large arm holes for night nursing purposes. Wondered why passerby at the convenience store parking lot were giving me funny looks… My boob was totally hanging out and I’m just sitting in my car, ho-hum, waiting for my boyfriend to bring me a Red Bull.” – Jacqueline

The "Mom Brain" Fashion Statements We Never Meant To Make

“My son used his sister’s headband and decorated it with pipe cleaners and beads as his antennae as part of his caterpillar costume for his starring role in his class production of The Very Hungry Caterpillar on the last day of school. At the end he gave them to me to wear. I promptly forgot. As room parent I gathered the children, made a little speech, and helped them present- in front of all their parents- the gifts we’d purchased for their teachers. We had a little party where I mingled with the other parents. I stopped at the convenience store and then the PO Box at the post office on my way to work. It wasn’t until my first meeting of the day that one of my employees asked about my headgear and I reached up to feel what she was talking about that I realized… caterpillar antennae!” – Meghanne

“I forgotten my shoes a couple times… I’ll get all the kids dressed and ready and herd them all into the car- buckle them in safely and drive to where I’m going and only when I step out of the car do I realize that I’m not wearing any shoes so I can’t go in ? Newborn sleep deprivation is real.” – Crystal

“After my daughter was born I drove to the store in a pajama shirt. I remembered to change my pants, but I guess got distracted and forgot about my shirt. I didn’t realize until I was at the store. ???? I use to forget my coat all the time, getting everyone in the car was so hectic and crazy I wouldn’t notice till we were getting out of the car at our destination I had no coat and was freezing.” – Rachel

“I once left a friends house WITHOUT MY SHOES. I remembered the baby, though!” – Christina

“I’ve accidentally worn slippers to the grocery store multiple times. But my favorite was the time I looked down in the checkout line and realized I was wearing one slipper and one sandal. Whoops.” – Audrey

“I grabbed my shoes while running late for work one morning. Ended up grabbing not only two different shoes but also two of the same side. That was an uncomfortable day.” – JA

“Once, in the haze of new motherhood, I got up, got dressed for work, packed the diaper bag, put the baby in the car, got into the car, and then realized I wasn’t wearing pants.” – Miranda

“I left the house wearing these slippers. I had 5 month old triplets at the time, I think I am surprised now, looking back, that this was the worst thing I left the house wearing!” – Claudia

When "Mom Brain" Becomes A Fashion Statement

Thank you to all the awesome moms who shared their stories.

We are SO not alone in our “mom brain” moments! 😉

Solidarity. #fistbump

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