Let’s Be Nicer To One Another, Ok?

Today we’re sharing a guest post from teacher and mom-of-two, Jennifer Marie. She originally posted this message on Facebook and has given us permission to publish it here.

Lets Be Nicer To One Another, Ok?

Let’s be nicer to one another, ok?

I originally thought this would be a post about parenthood, but it felt like it was bigger than that.

I don’t know if it’s a personal or societal pressure (or both) but honestly, you can’t do it all. I know we feel like sometimes we can but we just can’t.

We can’t be the attentive parent, best friend, coworker, spouse/partner, house keeper, role model, entrepreneur, community leader… all at 100% all the time.

And I beat myself up a lot over this.

Why can’t I be all those things at the exact same time?

Why am I so bad at keeping in touch with friends I used to spend every weekend with or text everyday?

Why is my house always in a state of “oh shit, I need to clean this now before someone stops by!”

Why is my brain is always convincing me I could be be so much more with my kids 24/7 and feeling immense guilt when I don’t?

Why can’t I schedule a weekly date night with my love like they do on TV?

Because we can’t.

And the harder we try to, the quicker we burn out and start to feel like crap.

Even with all the plentiful blessings and wonders around us… we feel like we are lacking. And I know I am not lacking in this life. I don’t have all the monetary riches in the world but I am a very wealthy woman.

So, whether you’re baby is a real living person, your business you built, a fur baby, an empire, be gentle on yourself and those around you.

Because if we start small in our own circles, then it will slowly ripple out to a bigger pool and maybe one day we won’t feel the need to compare to some imaginary standard that none of us are reaching. ??

Thank you again, Jennifer, for letting us share your words.

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