It’ll Be Worth It

It'll Be Worth It

In a year, this will all be behind you.

You’ll look back at this struggle and be glad you started when you did.

All the frustration and annoyance will have been worth it.

Sure, there will be plenty of moments ahead of you when you just want to give up, but STAY STRONG.

In a year, your daughter’s bangs will finally be grown out enough to stay the heck out of her face.


And put those scissors away.

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  1. Oh goodness. We have just begun the terrible threes, and I think I might lose my mind. Currently typing this at the library because my husband got home early and I ran away to the quietest place I could think of to get some peace.

    Thanks for the reminder that, this too, shall pass. On days like today it feels like I’ll be stuck in this hell forever.

    (P.S. I do love my kids tho)

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