Let’s Hear It For The Nurses

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“26 years ago we had our first child at 20 and 25 years old. We were so young, and she had jaundice to the point she had to stay under the bili lights. She had to stay a week, and they had a bed and breakfast plan for 15$ per night so I could stay with her after my discharge. The very last night, we could not come up with any more money, not even any change. The nurses saw us packing me up, and knowing that we had been up that poor baby’s behind since she was born, were very concerned and asked what was wrong. We were so embarrassed, and I shyly explained that we didn’t have any more money. Not 15 minutes later, she came back and started unpacking my stuff. We were looking at her, very confused, and she very briskly said ‘Oh, we took up a collection. You aren’t going anywhere until that baby does.’ and magically disappeared. I still get tears of thankfulness in my eyes every time I think of it. I will NEVER forget the blessing they gave us that night.” – Emily

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