Moms, Direct Your Own Photos

Sometimes it’s like this, moms:

1. You hand the camera to someone else.

2. You say exactly what you want them to capture.

3. You ask nicely that they please try to capture a flattering angle.

4. But most of all, that they just take a TON OF SHOTS because you are more likely to love one if there are many to choose from.

You take control and you tell people, “Hey! I need a picture with the baby. So here’s the camera. And here’s what I want the picture to look like.” And you don’t delete the shots, even if you think you hate all of them, ok? Don’t look at them for a few months (or years!) if you must. I promise they will age beautifully.

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It may feel weird in that moment, saying you want someone to take a picture of YOU. I think we stigmatize women wanting photos of themselves in a moment, especially when that moment isn’t a major milestone.

And I think a lot of us have a real barrier up when it comes to asking for this. I know I do! We wish and hope our partners will finally just pick up the camera, and there are tons of posts and articles advising people to take pictures of moms when they don’t ask.

But I’m here to tell you- ASK. And try not to be mad that you had to ask. Don’t just ask, DIRECT. Tell them the picture you wish to have.

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If your partner is anything like my husband, they will be 1. so glad you reminded them and 2. so glad you told them how to frame up the shot and what you really want.

You can’t rely on someone else to give this gift to you. You give it to yourself. And you give it to your baby. You both deserve it.

Photos are a life treasure, and they are guaranteed to appreciate in value as time goes on. Think about it! They are the most sound investment you can ever make.

So invest.

Be intentional.

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