How To Boost Your Milk Supply With Lactation Bites

Looking for a way to increase your milk supply while breastfeeding or pumping? Today’s guest post from Hello, Baby! is a great place to start! 

How To Boost Your Milk Supply With Lactation Bites

If you’re breastfeeding, you have 100% wondered how you could make more milk and chances are in your search you have come across a wide variety of recipes for Lactation Cookies.

Do they work? They certainly can.

Are they good for you? It depends.

The problem with most lactation cookies is simple: they are cookies!

Most lactation cookies are full of sugar & fat and don’t have a whole lot of nutritional value which is really what your focus should be throughout your postpartum period, especially if you are breastfeeding. That being said, for many people they really do work wonders for boosting supply.

So, what is a lactating person to do?! Make a healthy, nutrient packed, galactagogue loaded Lactation Bites, of course!

The key ingredient in most lactation boosting recipes you will see is brewer’s yeast, and for good reason. Brewer’s yeast is loaded with good things and is a big favourite for many people when it comes to boosting milk supply. The only draw back to brewer’s yeast is that it is VERY potent and bitter tasting and is not easily masked in a recipe. For these Lactation Bites, we decided to work with the malty taste that comes with the brewer’s yeast.

To get the recipe, continue reading over at Hello, Baby!…

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