The Mom Center: A Place Where Mothers Are People

Motherhood is hard. There’s no doubt about it. And it can be made harder by a society who views you as just that: a mom, but not an individual.

Self care is something that gets talked about a LOT these days, but are we all doing it? The sacrificial mom trope gets thrown around a lot, especially online, but let’s be honest. You matter. And you deserve that same level of care that you dish out for others.

Graeme Seabrook is a mother who wanted to create a space where moms could find themselves again, connect with other moms going through the same challenges, and put the focus back on their own wellbeing.

And so, The Mom Center was born.

From the website:

The Mom Center is all about you, mama. This is a place of learning, support, and growth. Here we will shift the focus from our families to ourselves. Through coaching, community, and accountability we will meet ourselves and learn how to care for ourselves.

As a certified life coach, trained in postpartum support, Graeme has designed The Mom Center to be an inclusive community where moms can find guidance, connect with other mothers, and rediscover themselves through group coaching, expert guests, community support, and beyond.

Here’s a peek inside The Mom Center:

A little more about the program from Graeme herself:

I love being a coach, but not everyone can afford one-on-one coaching. And I adore building community, but large communities can get overwhelming and lose focus. The Mom Center is the best of both worlds. Here you’ll get coaching within a group experience. Every month I will announce a new theme or focus, every week you’ll get practical help and community support as you learn more about yourself and make changes in your life. And we’ll come together one Saturday each month for a Community Coaching Call.

You can check in daily, weekly, or monthly- it’s 100% up to you.

We will learn from each other. We will support each other. We will be brave, silly, scared, exhausted, filled, and buried under never-ending laundry piles together. This is our place.

The monthly membership fee is $57.99 and you can also sign up to get a free 14-day trial to be sure that it’s the right fit for you before you make your decision.

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