14 Parents And Their Mini-Mes

When I was pregnant with Kendall, our first, I imagined he’d be born looking like a literal miniature of Scott. Instead he looked like… well, we weren’t quite sure, but definitely not like Scott. Then he got super chubby as a baby and it was hard to tell what he looked like other than the Michelin Man.

Leyna, our 2nd, came out looking SO MUCH like… my sister. To this day, she still resembles her more than me. I don’t know. Maybe it’s the smirk.

But then there was Lowell. There is no mistaking Lowell is Scott’s. I think it’s serendipitous that we gave him “Scott” for a middle name. Lowell loves to tell us, “I am a SCOTT. KRAUSE. I am a LoLo Scott Krause.”

In case it’s not totally obvious, that’s Scott on the left. 3 of his 5 brothers (and none of his 2 sisters) are on the right.

I was getting used to never having anyone say, “Wow, that baby looks JUST like you.” But then along came Wallace.

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I get a lot of comments about how Wallace looks just like me, so I thought it might be fun to put together whole post of our community and their mini-mes.

Last month, I asked our Facebook page audience to share their mini-me photos and man did you deliver!

Mini-Me Jill

It was SO hard to choose which photos to include in this post, but if you’re craving more, you can still see the rest on this Facebook post.

Onto the pics!

Michelle: Me on left in 1983. Youngest daughter on right in 2016.

Joelle: Not me and one of my kiddos, but me and my Mom. She’s been gone 11 years. I can’t wait to compare it to my daughter’s first grade pictures when they get old enough.

Amanda: My son and husband are twins (minus the beard haha) and my daughter is a miniature version of me!

Leah: My hubby Mike and our oldest daughter Lil when she was a wee babe.

Brooke: Me & my daughter last month… it’s funny because I don’t think she looks anything like me when I was a child, but she is definitely my mini-me!

Jamie: My husband and our youngest kiddo… only son!

Natalie: Me on the left, my son on the right.

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Kacey: My husband and our daughter.

Erika: Me when I was 3, and my daughter at 2.5 years old.

Nichole: Not me, but my mom and my youngest daughter.

Kayla: My husband on the left, my son on the right.

Vi: My hubs on the left, our youngest daughter on the right.

Vanessa: Her eyes are brown and mine are blue but otherwise she’s my mini-me!

Maigan: Me in 1982, Charlotte in 2016

Now, if you’re sad because you don’t yet have a baby who looks like you, don’t fret! Maybe you just need to have more babies! Only took me 4.

Thank you so much to everyone who shared their snapshots! If you’re dying to see more, head over to Facebook and keep scrolling through the comments.

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