This Journal Was Created To Help NICU Moms Through Their Journey

“No mom ever wants to end up in the NICU with her baby but unfortunately it’s a reality that some moms have to face. I was one of those moms.”

These are the words of Bianca Dottin Ferrell, an incredible mother who has dedicated herself to making a difference in the lives of other moms who have found themselves in the NICU with their brand new babies.

When Bianca was 25, she gave birth to her son at just 34 weeks.

“I wasn’t ready for the long battle ahead nor did I realize how much my world would’ve changed on October 15, 2016. The NICU was our home for 6 months. For 6 months, I felt alone, afraid, angry, frustrated, confused, and powerless. One of the worst things that you can experience as a mother is not knowing what the next day will bring.”

She says that the only thing that she could do to cope, was to journal. And now, she’s helping other mothers with a guided journal created specifically for NICU moms.

“I created My Mommy’s NICU Journal for moms like myself. There’s no way that I was able to remember every single detail about my baby’s NICU stay. I needed a way to keep track of our milestones and memories. A journal was the way to do it. It’s more than just a journal. It’s a keepsake.”

Inside the journal, there are sections for everything. There’s a space for details about the birth with photo frames, space for medical notes, daily journaling pages, a milestone tracking, quotes, and more. There’s even a handy glossary “for all of the confusing NICU terms that’ll get thrown your way”. Genius.

This journal is a must-have for NICU moms. Having that extra support and knowing that you’re not alone goes a long, long way.

If you’re wondering how you can help this journal get into the hands of moms who need it, visit the Kickstarter campaign. A pledge of $20 will give one mom everything she needs to journal, document memories, and more. After the campaign ends, you’ll be able to say where you’d like the book shipped, or you can opt to donate the book to a mom in need.

Any amount helps and Bianca’s goal is to raise $10,000 in 60 days. Let’s help her make it happen.

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