The Best Gift Our 3-Year-Old Got Last Christmas

Last year, Lowell got a Micro Kickboard scooter for Christmas and I think it’s officially become his favorite toy in the world.

His confidence on this little scooter and being able to hang out with the bigs on their bikes has been great.

This week, we’re packing up our lives to prep for our RV trip and I was trying to decide whether we’d have room the scooter. I’m thinking about storing it, but he uses it SO much and I can just picture him scooting around one of the parks…

Ok I just answered my own question. It’s coming 😉

If you have a 3ish-year-old this holiday season, this is perfect. (And it’s built to last- I’m picturing Lowell giving Wallace some scooter lessons in a couple years.)

Right now, Cool Mom Picks is hosting an amazing giveaway where you could win $1000 in prizes from Micro Kickboard scooter. Click here to visit the giveaway page! The giveaway runs until November 30th.

One day, Wallace! Soon you’ll be big enough to scoot too 😉

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  1. Take it!!! My 5yo has had a Maxi since L’s age and it’s his favorite thing ever. Pop off the handlebar so it’s two pieces and it’ll fit anywhere.

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