Amazon Prime Mom Makes Birthday Dreams Come True After Nearly Forgetting Birthday

I looked down in May and looked up on August 31st, and it’s like summer never happened. Life has been BANANAS, and it was all I could do to remember Lowell’s birthday on July 30th.

I honestly, seriously, really almost forgot, but I managed to pull off a last-minute “construction” party for him, one friend that I invited a few days before, and our family. I keep meaning to share it! Not because it’s super fancy, Pinterest clever, but because I got most of the stuff from Amazon, and maybe it will inspire some of you who also have construction equipment lovers in your life.

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I mean, you guys, that’s basically all it was. Just a table with a cake and some presents and a card, some balloons (big dump truck, latex with machines printed on them), and Mighty Machines playing on the TV.

The presents- all some kind of new digger or excavator or bulldozer– were wrapped with packing paper (I ordered a large quantity because I knew we’d need it anyway), and tied up with caution tape.

We put caution tape on the windows, too, because why not? We had SO MUCH left over so we went nuts.

As you can see, I also wrapped the chocolate cake in it. (Cake by Susie Cakes, and if you’re in Dallas and have not had their cake yet, please promise me you’ll fix that soon. They are new to our area. People in California are already obsessed.)

The cake topper is half of this LEGO DUPLO set. I wrapped the other half in the packing paper and caution tape.

And then there was the card! OMG the card. So this is not available on Amazon. You kinda have to have your life a little bit together to get the card in time. Just a little bit.  It’s by Lovepop.

Do you see?? It’s a tiny excavator, driven by an even tinier teddy bear, and it pops up from the card!

Can you EVEN? No. I bet you can not. Oh! That Tonka shirt is from Amazon, too.

Our house was an actual construction site that day. Scott was laying new tile in our office, so he wore mortar to the party.

Lowell had no idea this party was an afterthought- shoved between house renovations and summer road trips. I hope when he’s 30 he’ll remember that really awesome party his parents must have spent so much time planning just for him. I love how young minds make their own reality like that.

Last note- those tiny orange cones have brought many hours of fun and usefulness. Also, a dirt patch where a trampoline once was makes an excellent little job site.

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