A New Storytelling Podcast Just for Kids!

We’ve been homeschooling this year while we wait to launch on our RV trip where we’ll be “roadschooling.”  When I posted a photo of Kendall listening to a podcast (Wow In The World) last week on Instagram and the Baby Rabies Facebook page as part of his school day, a few people asked if I had other podcast recommendations, especially for younger kids.

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Well, PERFECT timing because I actually do! I’m partnering with WBUR, Boston’s NPR station, to tell you all about their new podcast for kids ages 4-10 called Circle Round, which launches this week.

Who doesn’t love story time? In my ideal world, I’d be taking my kids to the library for story time every week, but that’s not my reality right now. A storytelling podcast we can listen to in our PJs at home, though? We can do that! And we did yesterday as part of Leyna’s homeschool day.

Circle Round episodes range from 5 to 20 minutes, and feature original music and sound design, so it’s captivating and also just long enough for the younger crowd. Leyna, age 6, intently listened for all of the 2nd episode (which will be available to the public soon!), a reading of Stella & The Dragon by Kathryn Hahn of “Bad Moms” fame.

You can listen to the sneak preview first episode now!

I know she must have soaked it in because as she wrestled her little brother last night, she kept saying, “I am LEYNA THE POWERFUL! YOU DO NOT SCARE ME!”

Want a Stella & The Dragon printable coloring page? Click here! 

“Circle Round provides global perspectives with voices representing cultures from around the world. Episodes include prompts for discussion, giving children and their caregivers plenty of food for thought long after the story ends. Stories delve into diverse and accessible topics such as kindness, persistence, and generosity.”

We’ve subscribed, and will be listening to episodes as they become available as part of our homeschool and roadschool routines! You can find CR on iTunes and Stitcher.

OH! And if you’re in the Boston area, they are hosting a launch party this Sunday at 2 p.m. at the Boston Children’s Museum. More info on that here. 

Thanks to WBUR and Circle Round for sponsoring this post.

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  1. I love reading to our 4 year old but adding an auditory source for story telling is an awesome option! I really hope children’s podcasts take off. I’m a big fan of audio books myself. Thanks for the link.

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