Target Wins At Everything, Including Baby Registries

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So you’re going to have a baby! Welcome to parenthood! You have the next 19ish years to overcomplicate everything, and you probably will. I mean, you’re going to stress about what foods to feed your baby, how to get your toddler to sleep better, what to gift your preschooler’s teacher after she hands you a bag of poop-filled underwear when you swore your daughter was potty trained… and so on. 

There’s plenty of time to stress over every. little. thing. So do yourself a favor and don’t start yet. 

I’m going to guess maybe you’re a little excited to start nesting, getting things in order, and to create a baby registry. Am I right? I hope I am because that’s a pretty fun part of having a baby. You SHOULD have fun with that. 

This post is all about how easy it is to not overcomplicate the baby registry process and how to really enjoy this by registering for your baby stuff at Target.

Target Wins At Everything, Including Baby Registries |

First of all, it’s Target, so obviously we know there are going to be a ton of really adorable things in the store and online to add to your wish list for baby. Hello, Cat & Jack baby clothes. 

Target Wins At Everything, Including Baby Registries |

But a baby can not live on soft and trendy outfits, alone. You will need all the big stuff, like strollers and cribs, and all the basics, like bottles and diapers, too. This is where you might start to feel a little panicky. It’s easy to pick out what onesie you like best, but bottles? Pacifiers? Where do you even start?

Deep breath. 

Target Wins At Everything, Including Baby Registries |

Target is pretty tight with the parent market, and they have some awesome suggestions for you based on real advice from other parents. Just check out the Moms’ Picks section. 

Oh, but is your absolute favorite stroller sold somewhere else? And your must-have diaper bag at a 3rd place? No worries! Target makes it super easy to bring all your registries together with a universal registry at 

Target Wins At Everything, Including Baby Registries |

They also offer up some “Did You Know?” tips throughout the process. Like, did you know that all babies don’t like the same kind of pacifier, and you never really know which kind your baby will take best? That’s why it’s best to have a few different brands on hand to start with. So go ahead and register for several. 

Diapers? If you’re going to use disposable diapers, we like Pampers, especially in the newborn phase. They are super soft and offer great protection. You’re going to go through a ton of diapers in that first month alone (over 300 to be exact!) so add them to your registry so your pals can hook you up with exactly what you need!

Speaking of BFF status, what good would a BFF be if they weren’t in sync with your Pinterest board? Target is here for it again! 

Target Wins At Everything, Including Baby Registries |

To recap, Target helps you figure out what to register for, literally fills your registry with some essentials you don’t want to miss, gives you advice on other stuff, brings all your registries together, and it integrates your Pinterest board.

BUT WAIT THERE IS MORE. They also price-match competitors, you get a free $50 welcome kit (full of coupons and hand-picked samples), and a 20% off completion coupon if you sign up with your Target REDcard, or 15% without. 

Easiest decision ever. Register at Target. Keep things simple. Have fun. And get excited! You’re going to have a baby. OMG. 

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