Playgroup Week #16: Summer Parenting Tips

Are your kids out of school and home for summer break yet? Most kids are already out around here, but friends in the north might still have a couple weeks to go. Either way, we’re all starting to transition into that territory of summer parenting. Your schedule changes, you’re either way MORE busy or way LESS busy, but it definitely requires a different mindset than the rest of the year.

This week on the Baby Rabies Playgroup, I’m chatting with Lina Acosta Sandaal, a mother, psychotherapist, and development expert- and the founder of Stop Parenting Alone, an incredible parenting and therapy centre in Florida. Watch the episode below and feel free to share this with another parent who needs to watch!

Thanks so much to our guest, Lina, for sharing her wisdom. Check out her site and be sure to follow her on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.


This week we have a brand new giveaway with prizes from THREE awesome brands- QuickZip, Lemon Vines, and Annie & Isabel. Learn more about these awesome brands and scroll down to enter via our giveaway widget. There are lots of chances to enter, so be sure to get them all in!


One of the things no one tells you about being a first time parent is how FRUSTRATING it is to change a crib sheet in the middle of the night. Crying baby + tired mom = how the heck does this fitted thing work?? Thankfully, the brilliant folks at QuickZip have designed an amazing zip-on sheet that comes off and goes back on soooo easily. You can pretty much do it with one hand and you’ll never have to struggle at 2am to make it happen.

They also do sheet sets for regular sized mattresses too, in addition to their crib sheets. Pop this on the list as your next must-have shower gift. Your friends will thank you!! (Also, check out the #GetYourSheetTogether hashtag on Instagram to see the sheets in action!)

Lemon Vines

You’ve probably spotted Wallace wearing his Lemon Vines amber necklaces on Instagram a couple times! There are lots of parents who swear by amber teething necklaces to help their babies through those tough teething moments.

Here’s what Lemon Vines has to say on their site: “For teething babies, amber’s healing properties will reduce inflammation and calm the baby, without resorting to over the counter medications. All of our teething necklaces are finished with softly rounded shapes and a pop safety breakaway clasp. Each bead is individually knotted onto the necklace, to ensure your child’s safety.”

Annie & Isabel

Hospital gowns aren’t exactly the most stylish, and if you have to wear one, it should be something you actually like. Birth isn’t always glamorous, but the designer hospital gowns from Annie & Isabel totally are.

These gowns would make an awesome baby shower gift for a friend, or a present for someone going in for surgery or who might be in the hospital for a longer stay. Super thoughtful, comfortable, and miles above the potato sacks the hospitals provide 😉

Baby Rabies Playgroup Week #16 Giveaway

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