An Actual Doll

Let me tell y’all about this almost-6-month-0ld, leading with the obvious WTF HE’S ALMOST 6 MONTHS OLD.

This one has gone by the fastest, and that’s a damn shame because he’s so delightful. The first 8 weeks of my colicky first-born’s life took longer than this. I’ve had progressively easier babies, so now that we’re on #4, we’ve managed to create an actual doll.

He’s sitting up now. As of last week he was, but only in the way that we could plop him in the sitting position and then watch him lean and fall over seconds later. This week, though, he’s a confident sitter.

And I think he may finally be closing in on weighing as much as Rosie. They are basically twins right now. I’d very much like to put them in a double stroller and take them somewhere.

I can only squeeze him into 12-month clothes if they are not one piece. It seems 12-month rompers are out of the question. He’s too long. His thighs too fat.

Despite their girth, though, he manages to get them up and over and around. He’s a log-rolling master.


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And yes, I’ve found him stuck under the bed and the dresser several times.

He prefers to be held or for me to sit right next to him while he naps. I’m not fighting it. I’ve watched some great shows while snuggling his sleeping, rapidly growing, warm body next to mine.  This is the face of a kid who’s watched me mourn Poussey and celebrate Moira all in the same week.

Here’s to you, you nearly 6-month-old, snuggly doll, TV binge watching buddy, you.

Sidenote, because I know some of you will ask- OMG MLB DIAPERS!

I saw these from the Honest Company and ran to order a whole box of them. I framed it as a “gift” for my STL Cardinals loving husband… you know, for Father’s Day. Diapers for Father’s Day! I am magic. They don’t have all the teams, but there are some popular ones- Boston Red Sox, Chicago Cubs, Los Angelos Dodgers, New York Yankees, San Francisco Giants, and obviously the St. Louis Cardinals. 

Other things you might love in these pictures- Both the shirt and the “Strong Like Mom” onesie are from Target’s Cat & Jack line. The necklace is by Lemonvines. The quilt was a homemade wedding gift from dear family friends. 

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