Tips For The End Of The School Year

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It’s warmer outside, the days are getting longer, swimsuits are hanging on the end caps of our favorite stores, and we can’t remember the last time we signed a homework folder. Yes, summer is approaching!

As much as we’d like to give up all things school related, dropping them like bento lunches in early October, we must at least appear to be trying for a few more weeks. So, I have some tips on how to get through the remainder of the school year with minimal effort.

Tips For The End Of The School Year |

If you’re still making school lunches at this point, bravo to you! Even just throwing crackers and cheese in a sandwich bag can feel insurmountable as we pedal uphill on this final stretch of school, so don’t be afraid to make the lunchboxes disappear. Cover them in peanut butter and feed them to the dog. Hide them under last night’s leftovers in the trash can. No lunchbox, means no more packed lunches, right? Maybe? It’s certainly worth a try.

Tips For The End Of The School Year |

Pool baths aren’t quite as easy to take advantage of just yet, but the bath time routine has been slowly killing us all year, and we really want to live to see the beach next month. Listen, if baby wipes are good enough to clean literal poop off your baby, they’ll be good enough to wipe markers and dirt and (let’s be honest) boogers off your 2nd-grader. And dry shampoo? You guys! It works on kid hair, too! Ask me how I know.

Tips For The End Of The School Year |

Just because we parents are so done with all things homework doesn’t mean our kids get to be. There’s still stuff to learn, and it’s going to be even more important to be sure they retain that knowledge over the summer. If not, what good were all those lunches and baths and signed homework folders all year? It’s okay to outsource!

At Sylvan, you can sign your kids up for their Homework Help classes specifically designed to guide kids through challenging homework assignments. Homework help is ideal for kids who need personal tutoring on specific homework assignments, but not necessarily all the time. As we head into the Summer, also be on the lookout for Sylvan’s STEM camps. Sylvan’s STEM summer camps are designed to be fun and interactive and are the perfect way to engage your child in new and exciting experiences this summer. Find a Sylvan Learning Center near you to sign your kids up today!

Tips For The End Of The School Year |

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