Real Mom Roll Call

“My name is Jill.
I have 4 kids.
And 5 places to be at the same time…… OMG one just pooped up his back, why does that always happen in the exersaucer?
We’re always late.”

Real mom roll call!

I felt compelled to make my own real mom roll call after watching these from Good Food Made Simple’s new campaign, which nails what my motherhood looks like right now.

I think this fist full of mints one is my favorite.

But the 5 am wake-up call is also my current reality.

Good Food Made Simple is paying for this post so I can tell you all about 1. their delicious frozen food and 2. their Real Mom Roll Call fan promotion where they are giving out BOGO coupons and giving you a chance to win $1,000! More details below. 

Speaking of real life, here is an actual scene from my Sunday-

First of all, the kids were mad we didn’t make a “fancy” breakfast this weekend. Scott usually makes pancakes and eggs and bacon Sunday morning, but this weekend has been bananas- and not banana pancakes, unfortunately.

But lo! We have frozen blueberry pancakes from Good Food Made Simple, so we popped those in the toaster and had “fancy” breakfast in minutes.

Please note how I got the white plate out because I was like, “Oh, I need to take a picture of this!” But then I checked myself and was like, “Jill, this post is about Good Food Made Simple saving your real-mom butt, and let’s be totally honest. You’re serving these on paper plates.” 

Then it was time to run off to a birthday party a few hours later. I hadn’t eaten yet. There weren’t enough waffles go around this morning, plus breakfast isn’t really my thing, so I found myself at 1:30 fighting off the hunger shakes and needing to leave in 15 minutes. We all know you don’t want to show up at a child’s birthday with the hunger shakes.

Enter a little hatch chile mac, which is worlds better than what I usually end up shoving down my throat when we’re in a hurry- dry cereal, food left on plates from the previous meal, fists full of mints.

And you know I ate that right out of the microwavable paper bowl. I am not here to stage Instagram-worthy lifestyle shots of my perfectly plated meal. I was too busy yelling at Kendall to brush his teeth before we had to go, and then trying to remember if I had brushed mine yet.

Good Food Made Simple sent me a box full of their frozen burritos, entrees, and breakfast foods at the beginning of the week, and it has been a joy to open my freezer and quickly heat up a wholesome meal or snack with good, simple, clean ingredients. What I pull out of the microwave is not the greasy, salty sludge of some frozen meals, and not the flavorless, dry slop of others. It is, simply, good food.

Good Food Made Simple never uses artificial preservatives, flavors or colors and their meats are nitrate-free and antibiotic-free.

I know I’m not alone in this busy-parent struggle. I know I’m not the only one picking sandwich crusts off of paper plates, washing it down with coffee I’ve reheated 3 times, and calling that lunch.

So here’s the fun part- pick a Real Mom Roll Call video that resonates with you the most, or one you think your friend will find hilarious, and share it with them via email from this site. When you do that, everyone you email to (and you can send as many as you want, even to yourself) will get a BOGO coupon for a Good Food Made Simple meal. Then you will be entered to win a $1,000 American Express gift card.

Wondering where to use that coupon to get your meals? You can check out their store locator here. Our Target and Kroger carries them.

Here are the other 2 Real Mom Roll Calls. High fives to anyone who’s ever had the balls to do the gas station blueberry muffin trick in real life.

Don’t forget to GO HERE to choose your favorite Real Mom Roll Call video and email to a friend… all your friends.. and yourself. You want that BOGO coupon. Trust.

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