Playgroup Week #13: The Best Baby Stuff You Can’t Get At A Baby Store

What do you REALLY need when you have a new baby? This is a loaded question because it definitely changes from family to family… and baby to baby sometimes!

In this week’s episode of the Baby Rabies Playgroup, I’m sharing some of my favorite baby and parenting things that you can’t buy a baby store… including one that you might actually buy at a pet supply store. (Ha!)


Below I’m sharing a list of some of the items I mention in the video. Package them all together and you’ve got yourself one heck of a baby shower gift!

The Best Baby Stuff You Can’t Get At A Baby Store


A really nice set of sheets that fit their bed, washed with a scent free laundry soap.


Because you’re ALWAYS in your bed and you go through so many sheets as a new mom. Bodily fluids everywhere, people! You can gift this along with other items, including the laundry soap you used to wash them. (It’s great to wash it first for them so they don’t have to worry about doing more laundry themselves!)


A cooler bag filled with frozen meals (like the ones from Good Food Made Simple) are amazing.


Moms forget to eat, it’s hard to get food prepped when you’re feeding and snuggling a baby around the clock, and meals that can be eaten with one hand are GOLD. You could also bring a tray of sandwiches, or fruit and veggies, or a cracker tray… anything that makes it easier for mom to get what she needs. (New moms straight up FORGET to eat. It’s a fact.)

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Instead of fancy gift wrap, package up your presents in a laundry basket.


You might feel weird gifting a laundry basket, but they will USE it for sure, and not just for laundry. They’re great for storing toys and stuffed animals, the low-sided baskets are fun for babies to push around or be pushed around in (safely, of course), and you can really never have ENOUGH laundry baskets. You could use this to wrap any gift… just load it up and add a bow if you want!

Playgroup Week #13: The Best Baby Stuff You Can't Get At A Baby Store


Fish net. No joke.


I have a feeling you can probably guess what this is for… and it has to do with bath time. Yup, bath time floaters. Especially for first time moms, it’s a great way to welcome someone to the club 😉 We’re all in this together!

If you have any ideas for awesome baby and parent gifts that you won’t find on the shelves at your local baby shop, share them in the comments!

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