Are You In Charge Of The Booger Sucker Thing?

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I consider my parent partnership with Scott to be very close to 50/50. He helps with math homework, I help with reading. He packs lunches, I make after school snacks. He does the booger sucker thing, I cut the tiny baby fingernails.

Oh, you know of the booger sucker thing, right? Like this one that comes in the Boon CARE Kit. Do you know Boon? They are a problem-solving brand with stylish and simple products, and they’re sponsoring this post…

Boon CARE Health & Grooming Kit |

Which means they are paying me to show you this picture. How great is my job?

Boon CARE Health & Grooming Kit |

Technically, it’s called a nasal aspirator, but, I mean… booger sucker thing is what we’re gonna call it.

It’s one of the 6 essentials that comes in the Boon CARE Health & Grooming Kit, along with a medicine spoon, nail clippers, cradle cap brush, silicone toothbrush, and quick read thermometer that all packs away neatly in a sturdy mesh zippered bag. You can get it at Target or at (Great value! Only $30.)

Boon CARE Health & Grooming Kit | BabyRabies.comIt is officially Scott’s duty to use the booger sucker thing because I just can’t mentally get myself to a place that gets me past my gag reflex. Yes, I KNOW, there’s no way the boogers and snot actually make their way into your mouth. I know that Boon designed the nasal aspirator to use cotton balls or tissue as a filter. But still…

Boon CARE Health & Grooming Kit |

I’m going to stick to the tiny baby nail clippers because Scott can’t mentally get himself to a place where he doesn’t feel like he’s going to pluck Wallace’s fingers off with them, even though I’ve shown him how the clippers have tiny little baby-sized blades, and depth bumpers to help prevent cutting him.

Wallace is so desperately trying to find his thumb now that he’s constantly scratching himself in the face. (Is this a normal thing??) If I don’t cut his nails every day, he looks like he got in a fight with a kitten.

When it comes to bathing Wallace, Scott does the washing. Yes, usually in the shower. He’s mastered securely holding him with one arm and using the other to scrub, gently massaging his head with the cradle cap brush. Honestly, I can’t watch. I’m paranoid about dropping babies.

Boon CARE Health & Grooming Kit |

I do the drying. He passes him off to me when they’re done. I wrap him up with a snuggly towel, and we let Scott finish his shower.

Hey, when you have 4 kids, you have to know how to multitask in addition to committing to solid teamwork. I am trying to figure out how I can swap always getting stuck with paperwork from the school, though. Maybe I can take on the Saturday morning pancake making? Meh… then I’d have to wake up early. Nevermind. Paperwork, it is.

I’d love to know if you and your partner have a division of parenting tasks. Who would be the one to use the booger sucker thing and who would use the tiny baby nail clippers? Do you need a booger sucker thing and baby nail clippers (or a thermometer, or medicine spoon, or cradle cap brush, or silicone toothbrush)? Get you a Boon CARE Health & Grooming Kit at Target or at

Thanks to Boon for sponsoring this post. This was written by me. I mean, obviously. Nobody really knew Scott is in charge of the booger sucker thing until now. 

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  1. I love boon stuff. It just works (our odd ducks are going on eight years of non slimy bathtub fun)
    I am the shower person. We built a huge walk in shower with two heads so I don’t have to share mine and I usually wash the three younger kids (mine are basically the same age as your).
    He does most of bedtime while I knock out the baby, then we split the post lights out enforcement.

    • I would LOVE a giant shower with, like, 3 heads. I’d just line them all up in there and scrub away… just not the baby. I can’t with holding the slippery baby!

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