Here’s Your Family Valentines Day Plan

You know when you are acutely aware that 4 kids is quite a few kids? When you take them all out to dinner for the first time.

Here's Your Family Valentines Day Plan | #McAlistersFamilyDateNight |

That was our night last night.

This wasn’t just any old dinner out, though. THIS? This was family date night at McAlister’s Deli.

Here's Your Family Valentines Day Plan | #McAlistersFamilyDateNight |

McAlister’s Deli is sponsoring this post.

We are not at a point in our life when regular (or even irregular) date nights happen- like, just Scott and me. These little monsters lovely children go everywhere with us. So last night was a bit of an early Valentines Day celebration, but with the whole family.

Here's Your Family Valentines Day Plan | #McAlistersFamilyDateNight |

I know we’re not alone. All of you who have no chance of sneaking off for a romantic dinner for two on the 14th, HERE’S THE PLAN:

You, your love, your littles…. your little loves- go to McAlister’s Deli on Valentines Day for a #McAlistersFamilyDateNight (and then sign up to win a whole year of family date nights).

Why? Kids eat free on February 14th- up to 2 Kids Meals for every adult entree when families dine in!

Here's Your Family Valentines Day Plan | #McAlistersFamilyDateNight |

Also, because McAlister’s is the kind of place with something on the menu that will make everyone- even the pickiest of toddlers- happy. Lowell devoured his mac & cheese, applesauce, graham crackers, and milk.

Here's Your Family Valentines Day Plan | #McAlistersFamilyDateNight |

A place you can take your (rowdy and still mastering table manners) crew on Valentines Day, and you’ll be treated like family.

Here's Your Family Valentines Day Plan | #McAlistersFamilyDateNight |

And maybe, just maybe, if the kids can easily find something they love on the menu, and if you don’t have to stress about asking them to stop pulling the tablecloth or sticking their finger in the candle, then you might have a shot at a fun, sweet Valentines Day dinner… no matter how many kids you bring with you.

Also? Their desserts are amazing.
What is Valentines Day without great dessert?

Here's Your Family Valentines Day Plan | #McAlistersFamilyDateNight |

It’s pointless. The answer is Valentines Day is pointless without great dessert.

It’s also pretty pointless if you’re not sharing it with somebody, or all the bodies, that you love. So don’t give up on a Valentines Day date night. Just make it a #McAlistersDateNight.

Then, don’t forget to enter to win an entire year of Family Date Nights at McAlister’s.  You can enter to win even if, say, your kids get the flu this weekend and you don’t get a chance to actually go to McAlister’s. I mean, I don’t wish that on any of you, but… we know it’s gonna happen to someone because KIDS.

Thanks to McAlister’s Deli for sponsoring this post and our first dinner out as a family of 6.

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  1. McAlisters is the best!!!! We can feed a family of six for $30 and it’s not crap either!! So excited! We will be eating here Tuesday for sure!

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