Postpartum Recovery- At Least It’s Predictable

Going into my 2nd, 3rd, and 4th pregnancies, I always reminded myself that my body was made for this- that it had done all this before. I also reminded myself that that was never a guarantee it would do it the same again. Sort of a hope for the best, prepare for the worst kind of approach.

I remember thinking before I had my 2nd that my 1st labor and delivery was so “textbook” that there was no way I’d get that lucky again. I was terrified I’d end up with some sort of complication. Instead, I wound up with a less than 2-hour active labor, which was worlds better than the 21-hour labor with my first.

While each pregnancy and labor has been different, they’ve also all been reliable. I’ve carried each baby to 40 weeks + 4 or 5 days. Though I may not have realized it at the time, I progressed through labor the same way, if not at the same speed, each time, always able to look back and say, “Oh yes, that’s when I hit transition.” 

And just like so much of each pregnancy and delivery was reliably the same, postpartum recovery has been, too. I feel pretty decent (maybe even good?) within the first 12 hours. My body gets sore by the next day, and my tailbone always feels like it’s been smashed by a bowling ball, but I can move and walk and even shower before baby is 24 hours old.

Every baby hates my left nipple and latches like shit on it, and within 3 days I’m cursing my left tit every 2 hours. My right one hurts, too, but it’s manageable.

I’ll be ravenous and eat an entire bag of chocolate candy on my own the night after I have the baby. It will finally taste good to me again, and the reflux will magically disappear.


I’ll come home, feeling like this time I’m going to bounce back faster.



Angry and alllll up in my stretchmarks (and no, it’s not PUPPS), it starts like this. This was taken on Christmas Eve, 3 days after I had Wallace. 

Ahhh, yes. The postpartum rash came again, friends. 4 pregnancies, 4 babies, 4 rounds of postpartum hives. It was NOT a reaction to hydrocodone, it turns out. I know this because I didn’t take any meds of any sort during or after labor except for Advil and Tylenol, which does very little to help the pain of your uterus contracting back while breastfeeding your 4th baby- in case you’re wondering.

And still, it came, just as it always has. Setting in 24 hours after delivery, starting in my crotch and all over my butt, spreading eventually down my thighs, all the way up past my boobs, down my arms and legs to the tips of my fingers and toes by a week later.


Taken on the 26th, 5 days postpartum. I know this because there was still pie. 

Wallace is 13 days old, and only in the last 24 hours have I felt like it’s finally going away. This time it took two packs of steroids and a steroid shot, and that really just took the edge off half the time. I also used a lot of lotions and sprays and essential oils. I would have probably let a rat pee on me if someone told me that could possibly work.

I’ve taken as few hot showers as I can get away with because the heat makes it so much worse. That’s been super fun since hot showers (while I pump) are the best remedy for my engorged breasts. Visual: me trying to keep 80% of my body completely out of the water while I lean into the stream of water to submerge my breasts, all while pumping and crying, and rubbing that left boob really hard because it gets clogged ducts like the asshole it is.

I’ve done a ton of Googling (and talking to actual doctors and medical professionals, but they are all stumped as fuck), and I’ve come to the non-educated conclusion that I must simply be allergic to having babies. This has to be a reaction to the surge of hormones in my body after I give birth.


Someone come tie my tubes. Take them, burn them, cut them, eat them, do whatever. I have never had less of a desire to create more life.

Postpartum recovery is a shitty experience for me every single time. I can rely on that. And I’m sharing that with you all, again, not because I want to scare anyone but because NOBODY TALKS ABOUT THIS REALLY HORRIFIC TIME. And that’s some bullshit because then you have people upset and confused as to why you are a total bitch right after you have a baby and don’t want them to come visit or have you over or generally interact with you in any way.

Yeah, um, honestly my whole body is covered in hives and my nipples feel like they are soaking in cayenne pepper and I am sobbing uncontrollably every 2 minutes. So this is just not the best time for me to interact with any human whom I’m required to wear clothes in front of and/or not shout obscenities at. Truly, someone should take the other children far, far away, too. The only person who deserves to witness this is my husband because HIS FAULT. Mostly. Partly.

I’m sorry I haven’t had more to share on here, like a birth story, but the good news is I’m finally starting to feel human again, and the rash is mostly gone. I think I might even attempt a for-real hot shower today, one where I stand under the stream of water and wash my whole body. I might even shave my legs, depending on how ambitious I am.

And then! Birth story to come. Promise.

And to make up for those awful photos of my hives, here:


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  1. The. Exact. Same. Thing. Happened. To. Me.
    They could not figure it out.
    However mine peeled and I oozed and I looked like a really bad burn victim in spots. I had to wrap my entire stomach. 2 weeks in I had to stop breastfeeding because it was severe enough that I needed steroids – over 2 months of it. Triggered the worst insomnia, made PPD worse. OMG. Looking at your rash, I am panicking. I know. I just know. It’s awful. I don’t know what to do because it was a blur.
    Just Be good to you – lean on others. Pie. Cookies. Cake. Sleep if you can. Xo
    Ps. They tested everything. I’m allergic to goats. Fuck the doctor who rubbed a goat before walking in the delivery room 😉

  2. Having a baby isn’t for the faint of heart and you are a warrior for doing it FOUR times. Seriously. I bow down to you and hope you round the corner soon.

  3. I had the same rash!!! All over …it started in my stretch marks under my belly and on my hips and spread like wildfire! My doctor prescribed me an 8oz tube of steroid cream and a ” hope this helps” comment and I wanted to throw it at him! 8 oz lasted me half a day and then I had to beg the pharm to get him to refill it! It took about three months for it to go away and I had to do the same thing…just lotion like crazy. My only idea is that I’m O neg and my son is O+ so maybe my body reacted to him some way…idk …either way I’ve got 2 years to be hive free before we start this journey again! Was it worth it? Hell ya! But man those hives are a sucky addition to everything else you’re already going through! I feel ya! God bless!

  4. Oh, Jill. I am so, so sorry. That rash looks so fucking angry and painful. Like you need THAT on top of just normal postpartum shit. The most wonderful thing though? You never have to do it again. Ever.

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  6. I think I have this happening now!? Mine started three months post partum – started with a very red and angry looking stretch mark under my belly, in a day it swoll up and progressively got worse, finally started to calm down after I bandaged it and now it’s spreading to other stretch marks. You’re a champ and a doll for posting and hope you’re all free and clear of that postpartum hurdle

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