One Month Progress Report

Okay, this is going to be quick because Wallace is sure to wake up soon SINCE I’M NOT HOLDING HIM. And I really want to update you all on how life with a one-month-old is. One! Month! Old! But? I also really need a shower because I can’t handle the smell of myself.

First thing’s first…

One Month Progress Report |

He’s the cutest. And so big! I don’t know how much he weighs, but I do know he eats all day and he’s outgrown his newborn sized cloth diapers. 

One Month Progress Report |

He does not sleep in his crib yet, though it is very cute, waiting for him with his new personalized crib sheet. He spends some of his naptime in his Dock-A-Tot. Yes, he loves it. Yes, we love it.

One Month Progress Report |

And some in his Rock N Play…

One Month Progress Report |

And half his nights in his Halo bassinet, but mostly he prefers us to hold him. Because newborn life.

One Month Progress Report |

Scott went back to work on Monday. Epic sad face. We loved hanging out with him.

One Month Progress Report |

But of course, we are so lucky that he was able to stay home with us as long as he did. He had enough leave banked to take a full month off.

One Month Progress Report |

Everyone is adjusting to baby brother and really loves having him around, even the dogs…

One Month Progress Report |

Well, we don’t really let Arlo get too close just yet. Not because we think he’ll intentionally hurt him, but he’s a 170 lb puppy. He’s excited and floppy and slobbery. So slobbery.  He knows to stay out of our room now, and only Rosie gets to come in on occasion.

As for me?

One Month Progress Report |

It took a good 3 weeks for those hives to clear up, and then a few more days for me not to get super itchy when I took hot showers or woke in the middle of the night in a sweat. One month was pretty much a magical turning point. Hives gone, night sweats behind me, nipple pain is mostly manageable, and breastfeeding doesn’t make me want to throw things.

We’re not quite ready to take over the world (or dominate my inbox), but we’re getting there. We mastered a baby wrap, so I think that’s the first step.

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  1. Thank you for making my 29w self slightly less nervous! He’s ridiculously cute too.

    I gotta say though, what made me come and comment is those pants in the last picture. Those are awesome. I wore my last pair of bright colored pants literally to death ?

  2. My daughter is 6 days old as well, and I’m a first time Mom. I really don’t think I understood how hard this was going to be, but it’s nice to know it’s not a walk in the park for everyone. I’m normal, and my beautiful demonic daughter is normal, and being a Mommy is hard.

  3. Hang in there it does get easier . This is my second child and he’s 10 days old .. the first two nights home were a nightmare but with each day it gets a bit easier ,

  4. You are a natural at the wrapping, lady. I’m going to find your address and send you the damn surprises I have for you if it means I get called a creepy stalker. Well, I hope that doesn’t happen but I’ll get ridiculous if you don’t sent your address my way, dude.

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