39 Weeks & 6 Days Pregnant

39 weeks & 6 days pregnant | babyrabies.com

My official due date is tomorrow. Not that that really means anything. It seems like I can count on my children being late, and I’m ok with that. Kendall and Leyna were both 4 days late. Lowell was 5 days late. I’m honestly not expecting this guy until sometime next week.

Or when it starts to snow on Sunday. That would be my luck. Dallas drivers are simply THE BEST when frozen stuff falls from the sky! The hospital is only 40 minutes from us on a good day with no traffic. It’s fine. We’ll be fine. I won’t have my baby on the highway.

I don’t know how quickly I’ll get a blog post up after he arrives, but I’ll probably share the news over on my Facebook page and Instagram first. 

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  1. I had my second child on the high way – Boston rush hour on the Pike. It wasn’t so bad! I mean, not awesome, but my husband delivered her, the police and EMTs were very nice, and we got the car cleaned by a biohazard company.

  2. The nearest hospital is 40 minutes away? I can’t get over that. I think I could get to 10 hospitals within 40 minutes with no traffic. It’s so different out there.

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