Tried & True Baby Items I’m Happy To Use Again For Baby #4

You’d think after 3 other babies that I’d have a huge stash of stuff ready for this one. I mean, yes and no. There isn’t a ton we need for this baby, but I also haven’t kept every single thing I’ve ever used with the other 3, either. For good reason. Half of it was crap.

And while there are some awesome new things that have come out over the last few years that I do plan on getting, I am pretty confident in all the good stuff that I’ve kept.

Tried & True Baby Items I'm Happy To Use Again For Baby #4 |

This includes our bumGenius cloth diapers by Cotton Babies, who is also sponsoring this post. 

If you’re a first time parent, I think these are some quality items to put on your registry. Of course, everything in parenthood is subjective and really relative to your lifestyle, so take this for what it’s worth- just my opinion… my opinion based on having 3 other babies in 8 years, with a 4th on the way.

Fisher Price Bouncer SeatTried & True Baby Items I'm Happy To Use Again For Baby #4 |
There are a few variations of this, but I’m partial to the most basic. The vibration function is nice, but what we use this for the most is to manually bounce our babies to sleep because our babies love them a good, hard bounce.

My favorite pro-parent tip is to master how to bounce a baby to sleep with your foot with the seat on the floor in front of you while you sit at your desk and work, sit on the couch and watch TV, or sit at the table and eat. It’s also the perfect place to put a newborn while you shower. Yeah, there’s going to come a moment when you’re alone with a baby, and you can’t stand your own stench, and then you’re going to be like, “Uhhhh… so like, what do I DO with you?”

bumGenius Cloth Diapers by Cotton Babies

Tried & True Baby Items I'm Happy To Use Again For Baby #4 | BabyRabies.comI can’t even begin to quantify how much money cloth diapering has saved us while raising 3 kids. bumGenius diapers are the most reliable, longest lasting brand I’ve tried. I’ve got some bumGenius Original pocket diapers that I used on my first baby 8 years ago, that I’m prepping for baby #4 now, along with a nice stash of new Freetimes and Elementals.

I’ve been all over the place with cloth diapering, from using them ALL THE TIME with my first (road trips included) to using them just at home with baby #3. Even if you’re not planning to commit to full-time cloth diapering, I think it’s great to have at least 6 on hand. Then you don’t have to stress if you run out of diapers in the middle of the night, or if the brand you’re using suddenly seems to be giving your baby a rash.

Not to mention, they’re ADORABLE. (Look at those prints!)

Tried & True Baby Items I'm Happy To Use Again For Baby #4 |
I’ll be sharing a lot more about cloth diapering over the next year!

Miracle Blanket & Woombie
Tried & True Baby Items I'm Happy To Use Again For Baby #4 |
These are the only 2 swaddles that have ever contained our hulk-smashing newborns. (They are all born with super strength.) The Miracle Blanket helped save my sanity when my first baby had colic. The Woombie came about in time for our 2nd, though she seemed to prefer having her arms at her side in the Miracle Blanket. But, our 3rd LOVED having the freedom to scoot his hands up a bit in the Woombie. I’m going to have both washed and ready to see what works best for baby #4.

Aden & Anais Muslin Swaddle Blankets and Dream Blankets Tried & True Baby Items I'm Happy To Use Again For Baby #4 |
The basic swaddle blankets are such workhorses. They make excellent nursing covers, spit up rags, car seat covers, light blankets, and plain ol’ swaddles. They are HUGE, which is really useful. The Dream Blankets (like that star one up there) are several layers of the basic swaddle, and they are the perfect weight blanket for when you need something a little heavier. They get softer with every wash, and soon you’ll be wishing you had one in your size (which they actually make).

Fisher Price Rock & Play
Tried & True Baby Items I'm Happy To Use Again For Baby #4 |
I’ve only had the Rock & Play for my 3rd baby, and man, I wish I had it for the other 2. My babies all love to sleep in a slight incline, and this thing is PERFECT for that. The Bouncer seat is, too, but it’s not always convenient to sit it on the floor, especially with older kids and dogs running around. Lowell napped in this all the time, and even spent a few fussy nights in it. I hear there’s one now that automatically rocks itself?! Yeah, getting it.

Diono Radian RXT Car Seat
Tried & True Baby Items I'm Happy To Use Again For Baby #4 |
These seats are WONDERFUL if you need to fit 3 carseats across one row of your car. With just one Radian RXT in the middle, we were able to get 3 carseats across the back of our Infiniti G35. Leyna, at nearly 6, just outgrew hers and is switching to a Britax Frontier.

Medela Harmony Breast Pump
Tried & True Baby Items I'm Happy To Use Again For Baby #4 |
If you think you’re going to even try to breastfeed, I can’t recommend having a manual pump enough. I have used this so much with 3 kids that I’m actually on my 2nd one now. The first lived a long, hard life. Even if you think you’re going to exclusively breastfeed and never give your baby a bottle, and even if you already have a fancy double electric pump, here’s why you need it:
1. Sometimes you need to pump a little bit to relieve engorgement to get a newborn to latch, and having to bust out the electric pump for that can be overwhelming.
2. If you unfortunately wind up with a clogged duct or mastitis, this can really help you get milk moving to help it clear up faster.
3. If you travel, a small manual pump is immensely easier to throw in your bag and take on an airplane with you.

Stokke Tripp Trapp
Tried & True Baby Items I'm Happy To Use Again For Baby #4 | BabyRabies.comThis is the only high chair we’ve ever had, and I fully expect we will still have it when we have grandchildren. It’s easy to clean, impossible to destroy, and functions as a high chair, booster seat, and adult size chair. It’s a fantastic investment that you can feel confident will not wind up in a landfill anytime soon. You can read a more thorough review of it here.


Boppy Feeding Pillow
Tried & True Baby Items I'm Happy To Use Again For Baby #4 | BabyRabies.comNot only does it make a great nursing/feeding pillow (and mine looks a little deflated here because it’s been used A LOT)…
Tried & True Baby Items I'm Happy To Use Again For Baby #4 |
But it’s also wonderful for tummy time, and helping babies sit up. I love that it’s uncomplicated, and you can find a ton of cute, custom covers on Etsy or from sellers on Instagram. Get you a couple because this thing gets covered in a lot of bodily fluids on the regular.

Bonus- I also need to add some sort of baby carrier to this list, but since I can’t narrow down a specific favorite, and we’ve used several over the years, I’m just going to encourage you to do some research and find a good quality baby carrier (that you can usually find 2nd hand for a great price if you’re not sure it will work out) that works well with your lifestyle.

Tried & True Baby Items I'm Happy To Use Again For Baby #4 |

I do love a stretchy Moby Wrap for those newborn days. This saved me when my oldest had colic. I also love soft structured carriers when they get older.

What about you, seasoned parents? What are some of your tried & true baby items you’d recommend a new parent get?

Thanks to Cotton Babies for sponsoring this post. Many of these items, plus so much more, can be found at, and shipping is FREE with every order.

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  1. I had my babies spread over 6.5 years almost, so by the time I had my 3rd there was a lot of new stuff on the market. My fave new items for 2016 are the DockATot – it’s a big investment but I’m certain it’s what helped our baby, who loved to be held but not swaddled, sleep through the night so young. Binxy Baby shopping cart hammock is absolutely GENIUS and a must have for all new moms – frees up so much room in the shopping cart and is safe for baby and/or car seat to sit in. My old Tommee Tippee monitor died, love our new Levana monitor mostly for the fact that it stays charged for TWELVE HOURS – unheard of! Always always have a white noise machine and I love the homemade “The Nursie” breastfeeding arm pillow. More portable and user-friendly than a Boppy, though I’m a big Boppy fan too!

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