A Puppy Update, Mostly In Pictures

A little Arlo & Rosie update for you…


As we hoped (hooray!) they are best buds. It’s hilarious to watch them play together.


I’ve posted some videos on the @ArloandRosie IG account.


Rosie is definitely “the boss,” despite weighing probably 1/12th of what he does.


We could not ask for a better fit when it comes to her personality blending well with not only Arlo’s, but the rest of the family. She’s just like all of us- feisty, loud, and not afraid to ask for what she wants.


She is a true lap dog, which is a totally new experience for us. And while we’d love to snuggle with her all day (okay, not really me because at this point in pregnancy I seriously don’t want any living thing touching me), Scott broke down and got her a tiny little dog bed that fits on our desk so she can sleep there while we work. And she does! For hours!

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Arlo is ENORMOUS now, and while we’ve been working as best we can with him on obedience training, we’re going to take it a step further because it’s SO important that this enormous dog, who is going to be even bigger in another year, doesn’t accidentally hurt anyone, including our soon to be born baby – we know he would never do so intentionally.

We’re sending him to a dog obedience training camp, I guess you would call it? We’ll visit and work with them and him. It’s going to be hard, but it’s run with so much love and respect for the dogs, and it comes highly recommended. It’s not too far from us, a beautiful place in the country where he gets to run and play, and the investment is going to be worth it in the end. So if Arlo doesn’t show up much in my photos over the next month, that’s why.

(And thank you in advance for respecting this decision and knowing that we’ve done a ton of research and truly feel this is the best thing for HIM and for us.)


Now, while he’s gone, we’re going to have to seriously work on little Miss Rosie. She may be incredibly adorable, but she has been awful at having accidents in the house. I can watch her all day, take her out every hour, and the minute I’m not looking she poops in the house. She was trained to use puppy pads before we got her, and I have a hunch that that taught her to poop on soft floors like carpet? IDK, is that a thing that happens? We’ve never had small dogs, and never used puppy pads.

But once she has that down, I’d love to let her sleep with Leyna every night. I mean…. tiny girl puppy snuggles!


Fingers crossed we have two well-trained doggies on our hands come December when baby arrives.

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  1. We sent our dog to what we called a Beagle Boot Camp when he was a puppy. Best decision ever! Hopefully Arlo likes it like our pup did!

  2. I second the crate training. I had an awful time potty training our 6 month old Shih Tzu. Took him out every hour and crated when I was gone and at night. Also we kept him gated in our family room during the day or I have heard about keeping them leased to you instead until they are fully trained. Teddy is now 1.5 years old and no accidents! He goes to the door and roams the house. We do still crate at night though. It will happen!

  3. My sweet Pebbles the pug was great at potty training – she was good to go by 12 weeks, so don’t loose hope!! I did do the crate training thing, and I am sure it is harder with Rosie because you are essentially having to RE-teach her. We just bought the bells and little DVD set from Petsmart. I haven’t watched it yet, but the idea is that every time you take them out you put their paw or nose on the bells. Then eventually they will ring the bells to be let out. We shall
    see if it actually works…

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