I’m Pregnant & Smells Make Me Cry – So Here’s What I’m Using

Scott asked me to “sniff out” where the dog peed in the playroom last week.

Let me pause to breathe through these emotions I’m feeling right now.

Alro, our 7 month old English Mastiff, has taken to marking spots… spots that have carpet. Beyond this, he is also terribly disgusting and eats mud/poop frequently, and he farts a lot.

OMG you guys. I don’t know if I can get through this post. Just thinking about his smells is making me so sick I want to cry. BRB, gonna go hold this Fresh Wave gel under my nose real quick. It’s on my desk for a reason.

This post is sponsored by Fresh Wave.


I was in a really agitated, frustrated, disgusted state of first trimester smell overload when Fresh Wave reached out to me about working together on this sponsored post. Never before do I think the stars have so perfectly aligned. I was like, “YES, LET ME TELL MY PEOPLE THE POWER OF YOUR SMELL ELIMINATING STUFF! And also, please send it all to me as soon as humanly possible.”

And lo, they did. And it was good.

A huge basket full of Fresh Wave products (that I didn’t get a chance to take a proper picture of because I ripped into like a kid on Christmas) arrived at my door a few days later. We’ve been in a serious relationship ever since.


That Fresh Wave candle has been burning every day, so it’s time for me to stock up on some from their website.  I’m going to run to Target and get another one of those gels sometime this week. They work REALLY well, but it’s not because they cover up the smells with artificial fragrance. Instead, they use plant oils and water to actually remove odors from your home. That’s super great, especially right now when too much “good” smell can be even worse than some bed smells when it comes to my nausea.

Plus, it’s just better for you to not be breathing in synthetic fragrances all day. All Fresh Wave products are phthalate free, and don’t contain harsh chemicals.

They do have a bit of a scent to them, from what I’ve noticed with my hyper-sensitive nose. It’s very mild and almost earthy, though. So far, it hasn’t made me sick at all.


We steam cleaned the carpets as best we could, and now I’m spraying spots that still bother me with the Odor Removing Spray. (Though, honestly, I’m convinced we’ll have to replace the carpet at some point.) It’s enough to keep the smell from making me rage… most of the time.

Oh, so much rage.

This dog! He was totally, fully potty trained, and now this? Brilliant timing. Thank you for regressing at the exact moment I am cursed with a super nose.

We are meeting with a trainer tonight and we understand it’s puppy behavior that can be worked through. Do not fret, he’s our forever dog, and we do love him deeply. I just… you guys, sometimes my own children disgust me to the point of not wanting to touch them right now. So these feelings toward Arlo are normal, I’d say.

I also feel a lot of rage when it comes to the smell of our laundry room (where the litter box is), and for now a Fresh Pod stuck to the back of the door is helping a bit.


I basically have this stuff everywhere, and I could use more. GOOD NEWS! As I mentioned, you can get the gel, spray, and packs at Target (!!) and more Fresh Wave products at Whole Foods, Bed Bath & Beyond, and some other places.

It may seem a little crazy and over the top how excited I am about odor removing products, but this is the struggle of MY LIFE right now. I actually cry when I smell some things, it makes me that sick. Clearly, I am the rational voice you are looking for when it comes to making purchasing decisions (or I represent your current struggle, as well, and I’m SO sorry).

Huge thanks to Fresh Wave for sponsoring this post and sending me all your miraculous science-y products. 


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  1. Desiree Figer on

    I bought some stuff on Amazon about a month ago to keep near our diaper area – I think it’s been helping a lot. Went to my Amazon orders to see what it’s called – thought you might want to try it for your laundry room. Lo and behold, it’s fresh wave! I didn’t even know that name of it! I have the odor eliminating crystals. ?

  2. Joanna DeMotte on

    I’m about 6 weeks along with my 4th and the nausea has hit me full force this morning. My 19 yr old daughters (yes I did just say 19) dog has all the sudden started peeing on our downstairs carpet. I’ve had it cleaned and I still smell it. I will be trying these.

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