Bye, Sectional! Hi, New Living Room!

Our old white (really bone, I think) colored leather sectional has been a big part of this blog, making appearances in countless pictures over the years.


It was good to us, we loved it. Until we didn’t. Then we wanted it to die in a fire immediately. And by we, I mean the fetus and me.

This change of heart happened shortly after I recorded this video with the Today Parenting Team at Mom 2.0 in May.

Many people commented over the years how it looked “so clean” and how was I able to keep a white couch looking like that? Okay, folks? Please. Pictures on the internet are deceiving. WE KNOW THIS. This couch is proof! Because I promise that nobody who saw it in real life thought I spent my days cleaning that thing.


But it was solid, and it was leather, which is the only kind of couch I ever want to have while there are children (and pets) in this house. And it was going to be pretty expensive to replace.

We made it last for 10 years! It was used when we bought it. It’s had a long run with us. We saved and searched for deals, and thanks to some Memorial Day sales, and a super find in the clearance section at Nebraska Furniture Mart, we were able to replace it. NOT A MINUTE TOO SOON, either, because my pregnant nose just could not with it anymore, and the fetus was thoroughly disgusted.

(Fun story, though- we gave it to a guy who restores leather furniture, and he swears he’ll be able to bring it back to life. So that makes us feel pretty good knowing it won’t end up in a landfill anytime soon. If you’re in TX and want to buy it, it may be for sale soon! I’m assuming he’ll remove the stuck on popsicle sticks from the side.)

Behold, our new living room!


Two beautiful, 100% real leather sofas with clean lines and detached cushions. They are so similar to the West Elm Henry sofas that I adore, but less than half the price. Plus, the loveseat was in the clearance section for an extra $400 off because they repaired a small scratch from moving it off the truck. You can’t even tell. That extra savings put the set just within our budget, and it was meant to be!

Details if you’re interested-  Klaussner Tillery Leather Sofa in Chesterfield Whiskeypurchased at Nebraska Furniture Mart in Texas. Our total with taxes, Memorial Day sale, and the extra clearance discount was around $2,800.



The end table is something I picked up from Home Goods for $40. Not sure I love it, but it’s useful, and inexpensive enough that I don’t care if it gets water stains on it. It’s battle enough to keep the kids from eating popsicles on the couch. I’m never going to get them to use coasters.

The rug! Oh, the rug. I love it so much. We haven’t been a rug family because I always just thought they would wind up looking gross and dirty, but this one is so perfect. And it was cheap! And from Target! It’s called the Threshold Woven Rug, it’s certified by Goodweave, and it’s incredibly durable.

Also, did you see that black box hanging out under our windows? For the ultimate final touch, the next step in making this room acceptable to my nose and less disgusting to the fetus, Venta sent us an Airwasher. AIR. WASHER. Wash alllllllll my air. Please! It’s an amazing humidifier and purifier, and I’m really enjoying it’s pet dander removing abilities at the moment since this is the room the dogs spend the most time in.

Speaking of dogs, no, they are NOT allowed on the new couches, and they mostly adhere to that rule. Except when we’re sleeping. Honestly, though, I think the dogs are kinder on couches than the kids are. Viva leather!

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