Yes, We Know How This Happens

I mean, generally speaking, we know how this happens.

We don’t actually really know how this happened.


My best guess is it involved crazy early ovulation & sperm that set up camp in my uterus.

So let that be the answer to “Was it planned?”

Other answers to questions we’ll be asked:

Due Dec. 16th, I’m 8ish weeks along.

Yes, we are finding out the sex asap this time.

There is only one!

I feel like I’ve been stuck on a ship for 2 weeks, but no puking. Yet.

I was two weeks late before I even thought to check my Instagram to jog my memory as to when my last period was. (I do not IG pictures of my period, but I did IG the hell out of my trip to the White House, and when you’re on your period at the White House, you remember that ish.) (Also, yes. That’s my method of keeping track of my period so really I don’t know why it’s not fail proof.)

This is seriously never happening again. My vasectomy campaign is in full swing.

But we’re excited.

I’m way more excited then I was when I told Scott. Via text. While he was at a work conference in Idaho.


Hashtag: fourth baby.



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  1. So exciting! We have 3 also and are so so done but he hasn’t done the V yet so I’m nervous about a potential 4th.

  2. Crystal Beckwith on

    yes! I knew it! Idk why but I thought it last week with the title of your post “so that happened.” I thought to myself omg I wonder if she’s pregnant! yay for you guys!

  3. Yay! Congrats! I started following you when you were pregnant with Lowell. I was also pregnant at the time. And I am also pregnant again now! (Due Halloween) I’m glad I’ll have a blogger to follow that’s going through the same thing!

  4. Oh to be a fly on the wall of the conference when Scott got that text….

    Hope this turns out to be your easiest pregnancy yet!

  5. Veronica George on

    What was his reponse back?! haha. Congratulations!! We are pregnant with our surprise #3 baby ALSO due in Nov when my other two boys were born. We are still in a state of shock. Lol

  6. Jessica Stanford Nokes on

    Loving my surprise baby #4. The only one we even remotely discussed. And solidarity for the vasectomy campaign!!

  7. Amanda Roach on

    Hahaah I’m dying over here, by baby 4 that’s all the announcement there is! Just a text and a slightly accusatory statement directly following. And people say the magic dies after you’re married with kids.

  8. Jenni McKay on

    Too funny! I announced my 4th pregnancy yesterday for Mother’s Day, I am due on Thanksgiving. I think you and I both need our heads examined, but I am excited about my (on purpose) baby too.

  9. Elizabeth Keller on

    Hooray! Congrats! We just had #4 last year (planned) and Vday (also planned, haha) was less than a year later. 😀

  10. Liz Smith Sanders on

    Congratulations! You can make it with four if you can with three.
    We have 4!! Moms of 4 rule!

  11. Natasha Batsford on

    I told my husband about our third via IM:

    me: how are you getting on today?
    I.C.E.1: Struggling to be honest
    me: how come?
    I.C.E.1: Cos I have two kids to look after!
    me: are they being hard work?
    I.C.E.1: She won’t sleep, they are impossible together. She is in the car now. Hoping she drops off as I finish loading
    me: so you don’t fancy adding a third to the mix then?
    I.C.E.1: Lol. Not yet.
    me: how about June next year?
    I.C.E.1: Why then?
    me: because that’s about 8 months from now
    I.C.E.1: What do you mean?
    me: I mean I’m pregnant you klutz
    I.C.E.1: Lmfao. That’s awesome. How far gone are you? Do I need to make an appt for the snip then!?!? Lmao
    me: Are you slightly hysterical?

  12. Wow, congrats! Crazy, but congrats! I don’t know /why/ in the world I thought this, but I honestly just very briefly assumed you’d had something done on your end with after Lolo.. guess y’all just seemed settled on being done. Should of known it probably would have at least ~lightly~ made the blog :p

    Do the kiddos know yet? I’m imagining the range of possible initial reactions c:

  13. So excited for you. I due w/ my 3rd in Oct!!! I felt the same as you. I literally did. not. sleep… for days and could not drag myself outta bed, it’s getting better. So there’s hope! Congrats!!

  14. I was just catching up on your blog and couldn’t help but giggle when I read this right after the post about Lowell weaning. Guess the MoMo’s are making a comeback. Maybe this one will name them something different. Congrats! Happy for you and I do agree you now have a very compelling argument for a vasectomy. 🙂

  15. Holly Parton on

    🙂 Congrats! Thanks for always making me smile. Three was tough. Four has been really great. We’re a year in. 🙂

  16. Amy K. Palermo on

    HA!!!! We have the same method of “tracking” our cycles. I can’t put more thought into it…

  17. Emily McCormack Howell on

    Hahaha, I can relate. We have 4 kids too–it’s not much different than 3, except that you have to go through the whole pregnancy and baby stage again. And also–vasectomy all the way.

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  20. Us too!! Well, fifth. But you know. Same kind of like…WHATTTT? ahhhhh!!! This was the first time I saw the lines on the test and felt terror. But we did want this…i think. Still somehow shocking. We’re due around Thanksgiving and it will be fun to watch your pregnancy while living mine. Oh, it’s SO freaking hot.

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