Happy Not Memorial Day!

I called Scott from the car this morning. I broke free from the house for just a bit, planned to get myself some lunch and run a few errands while he played video games with the kids.

“Hey! Are you sure Kendall didn’t have school today?”
“Well, why would he have school on Memorial Day? They’ve never had school on Memorial Day.”
“I don’t know. I just… there are a lot of kids playing outside at the school. Think it’s just the aftercare program? Man. That’s A LOT of kids.”
“I guess. Maybe? Weird.” 
“Ummm… and also I just saw a post office truck. Why would they be working on Memorial Day?”
“What? Seriously? That’s crazy.”
“Babe. Are you sure it’s Memorial Day?”
“YES. Jill, it’s Memorial Day.”
“Ugh. Hold on. I’ll look it up and call you back.”
1 minute later, phone rings
“So yeah. Memorial Day is actually next week.”
“Wait. What? You’re serious. What?!”
“Yeah. I guess I had the wrong date.” 
“ARE YOU KIDDING ME? WHAT? So you basically just didn’t go to work today? We just didn’t send our kid to school? Are you serious?!”

Begin Happy Chewbacca laugh that didn’t stop for an hour.


Yeah, so Happy Not Memorial Day! Hey, we already bought the brats to BBQ so we’re doing this thing. Twice.


This is what happens to your brain on too many children.


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