AITKWK: Episode 2- Cement & Toddlers & Poor Choices

Our first episode of Adventures In The Kitchen With Kids went so well and was so fun for the kids, that I promised we’d do another. And because I can never keep things under control, I decided to try and make cement eggs with all 3 kids, including the 2.5 year old.

Screen Shot 2016-03-24 at 3.46.48 PM

I pinned this a while back and thought it looked like a pretty easy thing to pull off, yielding results that the kids could have fun with, and some extras that I could decorate with.

Cement + kids- what could possibly go wrong? Actually, the kids were mostly fine, all things considered. As you watch this, keep in mind that Scott’s behind the camera and it’s like he’s a nature photographer. He can only observe and not interfere… not even when wet cement falls on the floor.

The biggest issue was that the eggshells were impossible to chip off and we wound up having to soak them in vinegar for 4 days. It was a long road to a very little and disappointing house.

But the video? Pretty funny. Keep your eye on Lowell. He has a lot of feels in this.

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