I Have No Idea How This Happened

This morning Scott found Kendall doing something so bizarre when he went to wake him up that Scott questioned if he was actually still dreaming.

Kendall was fully dressed and reading a chapter book- DEVOURING it when Scott walked in to wake him up for school. He read it all through breakfast, and raced to finish the last page before he had to leave.

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The kid who we normally have to drag out of bed and push out the door to school, the kid who comes home from school and begs to play video games so much that it’s become a form of torture for us, the kid who we had to have a teacher conference about just months ago because he was acting up in reading class that he deemed “boring”— THAT KID was reading ON PURPOSE FOR FUN at 6:30 am.

I wish I could tell you all how we got this to happen, but we can’t take credit at all.

I wasn’t even here to witness this strange transformation. I went to D.C. for the weekend. For all I know, the real Kendall was harmed and Scott tried to replace him with one that looks exactly like him, but didn’t catch that the clone likes to read chapter books. I’m still investigating. Hidden birthmark check coming up tonight.

So I can’t offer hope in the form of actionable steps, but I can say maybe your kid will get abducted by aliens overnight and replaced with a model that likes to read and you won’t have to do anything. So keep the faith!


Also, he’s reading the I Survived series, if that means anything. He started with a book about a kid who survived the Titanic, and just finished one about a kid who survived a shark attack. I think next up is one about a kid who survived Hurricane Katrina. Or “Hurricane Katrina in 2005” as he says, like that was a really long time ago. That time back in history when there was that horrible disaster in old-timey times.

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