Eat Your F-ing Food & Other Things I Died Laughing At Last Night

“Why isn’t there a comedy show just for moms?” <<<< Literally a discussion I’ve had with friends so many times before. Moms are funny (okay, so are dads). We have to be! Humor helps us survive. If we don’t laugh we’ll cry, and I’m an ugly crier so I try not to do that in public.

Then a few weeks ago I was introduced to  The Pump & Dump Show, created by two HILARIOUS moms. I couldn’t believe it was the first I’d heard of them. I loved everything they were doing, from the humor to their goal to make 2016 the Year Of The Mother and to support ALL moms to create a #BandOfMothers that cheers each other on, builds each other up, and laughs with each other along the way.

Last night I went to their show in Dallas, dragging a long-time friend with me. We died laughing together. I can’t even express how badly I needed that night out, almost as badly as my friend needs to not ever drive at night again. (So crazy when you realize you’ve never been in a car together because every time you go somewhere you have 5 carseats between the two of you and have to split up into two cars.)


I got to play Cervix Says on stage with Tracey and Shayna, and you’ll all be happy to know that the unanimous answer to “The most annoying kid’s show is” was literally a whole room full of (mostly) moms shouting “CAILLOU!”

If you are lucky enough to be in or near a city they are coming to, I 100% recommend getting tickets and taking as many friends as you can. Y’all, this is not some g-rated, mommy kumbaya shit. It is full of swear words and hilariously inappropriate humor and THAT IS MY FAVORITE.

(So obviously these videos below are NSFW)

I present to you one of my very favorite songs of the night…. Just wait for it.

And then there’s this.. Eat your f-ing food.


Just go. Go to their show. There is so, so, so much to die laughing at. And if you can’t make it (sad cake) then just go to their YouTube channel and watch all their (not safe for work or small ears) videos.


You may have seen the video challenge on my Facebook page. We were hoping to get their Kickstarter funded, but unfortunately we fell short. However, the Baby Rabies #BandOfMothers Challenge is STILL ON and you can still buy Mom Karma Cards from their website. Throughout March we’re going to share how we share these cards with other mothers by posting pictures, videos, and status updates on Instagram and Facebook with the #BandOfMothers hashtag. I’m SO excited to watch it happen.




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