He’s Smelly & He Snores & He’s One of Us – Arlo the Mastiff

We’ve had Arlo for about a month, and he’s probably three times as big as he was when we picked him up.

I would weigh him but our scale is broken and I don’t really want to fix it because I like eating Girl Scout cookies without guilt.

Much like Arlo likes eating his own poop.

Cutest poop breath monster.


He is *mostly* house trained, and yes, we know the poop eating can be a sign of something off, but we’re pretty sure it’s just a puppy thing right now. And yes, we’ve done the pineapple and the meat tenderizer added to his food thing, but he still persists the few times he gets away from us and into a dark corner of the front room long enough to poop himself a tasty snack.

He still sleeps in his crate, but we finally moved it to our room (it was in the office at first) so he can now sing us his sweet snoring lullaby every night. I woke Scott up the first night, thinking it was HIM snoring. Nope. The dog. The 10 week old dog, snoring like a grown man. Precious.

He does not, however, sleep in the baby jail during the day anymore. That lasted for about…. 10 days.


He is very smelly. Very, very, very smelly. I think this just means he’s a normal Mastiff because our last one also oozed swamp smells from his butt.

It’s a good thing he is CRAZY cute.

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He went through a phase for a few weeks where he really, really loved snuggling with Scott’s boots. So okay, eat your poop, whatever. You’re adorable.


He’s learning to walk on a leash, and to sit, and to walk up the stairs and find toys he wants to play with. That last trick is not encouraged.

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He howls.

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He sleeps. A lot.

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He has finally made Callie at least acknowledge his existence, and occasionally manages some snuggles with her.

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He’s loud, and messy, and gross, and he makes a huge mess. So, seems like he’s assimilating well. He’s one of us.

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