Preconception Deception & Obsession – Pod-ioBook, Episode 4

In the last episode and this one, I talk a bit about the community of support I found online while trying to conceive. I think it’s even more common now than it was over 8 years ago to turn to the internet with questions and to seek advice.

That’s a big reason I am SO excited that Privet sponsored this episode, y’all, and I REALLY hope you’ll download the app (FREE in the AppStore and Google Play) and come find me over there. I’m BABYRABIES, of course.

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Because here’s the thing- we can talk over there all about the crazy things we did to get pregnant, our bizarre cravings (Hi, I ate rocks and sand) and how we felt the first time we saw that positive pregnancy test (or the negative ones) and we can do so ANONYMOUSLY if you’d like.

No worries about your aunt or your grandma seeing what you comment publicly on my Facebook page. Let’s take our discussions to Privet. And while you’re there, have fun getting to know the growing community and invite your friends! I really, really think you’ll like it and they will, too.


Okay, on to episode 4!

Click here to listen if you’re visiting from the Baby Rabies app. 

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