Always Be This Way

I tucked him in and snuggled with him last last night. He dislikes when his sister gets snuggles first, but I secretly love it because it means more time to talk with him.

He says stuff in the comfort of his room, under the glow of night lights. Stuff he doesn’t talk about in full daylight. He’s 7.5 and he still begs me to snuggle with him. It is my favorite honor.


After some small talk, he asked why my dad and mom married other people. I talked to him about divorce, and told him that my mom knew her 2nd husband from when she was a child. They were friends.

Suddenly the conversation sparked, jumped to a different track.

“You can marry your friends?!” he asked with genuine surprise.

“Of course,” I responded. “You can marry anyone.” 

With the very next breath he said, “But not boys.”

And on the following beat I answered, “Oh, but that’s not true. You could. Boys can marry boys, and girls can marry girls.”

“Oh… cool…. but….” he seemed to be trying to piece this scenario together in his head. I gave him a moment to think and jumped back in.

“I mean, I guess it’s  more common for girls to marry boys and boys to marry girls, but if you liked boys or Leyna liked girls… or if LoLo liked boys, that would be totally okay. That’s fine.”

And he smiled, took it in, those honest, simple words of truth. He CAN marry anyone, and it WOULD be fine. Simple as that.

And then he told me he wanted a new mod for Minecraft and to please pack him a cookie for lunch.

May it always be this way. Always be this simple to talk about love.

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  1. Courtney Helms on

    That’s beautiful. And isn’t it amazing that it’s true – that we CAN marry anyone we want now? I’m still enjoying the sound of those all-too-new words.

  2. Mickie Geri Farris on

    I love this!! This has always been our approach, too. We have told our kids that getting married means two people say “I love you forever” and become a family. Doesn’t matter what gender.

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